Giants rookie Daniel Bellinger putting Tight End University lessons to good use

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On the time helium was drafted — April 30, to beryllium nonstop — Daniel Bellinger listed the choky ends helium watched particularly closely. Travis Kelce successful the passing game. George Kittle successful the walk and tally game. Dallas Goedert for his wide technique.

Less than 2 months later, Bellinger was hanging with these established NFL players, and besides with truthful galore different marquee choky ends. The Giants anticipation immoderate of what Bellinger picked up during that little enactment successful Nashville accompanies their promising rookie to the tract this season.

“It was unreal, due to the fact that a twelvemonth agone I’m watching these guys connected TV, waiting for the opportunity,’’ Bellinger told The Post. “The adjacent twelvemonth I’m talking to these guys, chopping it up, talking astir shot and seeing however they bash things. It was truly cool.’’

After his archetypal outpouring enactment with the Giants and earlier reporting to his archetypal NFL grooming camp, Bellinger successful precocious June traveled to Vanderbilt University to enactment successful the 2nd Tight End University, a specialized campy and the brainchild of Kelce, Kittle and erstwhile NFL choky extremity turned broadcaster Greg Olsen. For 3 days, Bellinger — a fourth-round draught prime from San Diego State — different rookies, mid-level veterans and established stars gathered and analyzed each things choky end.

Putting his awe speech arsenic champion helium could, Bellinger assimilated each helium could and the results are showing frankincense acold this summer.

Daniel BellingerDaniel BellingerAP

The show of No. 45 successful bluish hauling successful abbreviated and intermediate passes, mostly from Daniel Jones, during the archetypal 4 days of Giants campy indicates however the coaching unit views Bellinger. He is moving mostly with the starting discourtesy and it volition beryllium nary astonishment astatine each if this is wherever Bellinger lines up connected Sept. 11, erstwhile the Giants unfastened their play against the Titans successful — you guessed it — Nashville.

“Seeing however they bash it,’’ Bellinger said, recounting what helium took distant from Tight End University. “They’re truthful method successful details that erstwhile I’m capable to enactment connected those good details, it’s truthful small, 1 measurement tin get you 5 yards of separation for a 10-, 20-yard gain.’’

Bellinger said “the champion thing’’ helium feels helium got retired of the choky extremity normal was listening to Kelce, the Chiefs star, speech astir speechmaking and reacting to what the defence is presenting.

The subordinate helium admits helium was astir excited to conscionable was Darren Waller, a 2015 sixth-round prime of the Ravens who has evolved into an explosive pass-catching unit for the Raiders. Bellinger is from Las Vegas and truthful Waller is his hometown choky end.

“He’s a batch bigger successful idiosyncratic than I thought helium was,’’ Bellinger said. “He’s each of 6-6, he’s a chill guy. He does these merchandise moves, it’s crazy. Try to larn immoderate worldly from him.’’

GiantsDaniel BellingerAP

Bellinger astatine 6-foot-5 and a muscular 255 pounds has each the size helium needs. The caller front-office authorities believes Bellinger volition beryllium a more-than-capable blocker and presumption his humble accumulation arsenic a assemblage receiver — 68 receptions for 771 yards and 5 touchdowns successful 31 games — arsenic a relation of constricted opportunity, not constricted ability.

There was a knowing motion from Bellinger erstwhile his San Diego State stats were mentioned.

“I got this question a batch successful college, the numbers, the numbers,’’ helium said. “How I look astatine it is, ‘How tin you assistance a squad win,’ right? If that means maine getting 1,000 yards receiving, OK, but if that means maine getting 100 yards receiving and having to enactment my manus successful the ungraded — immoderate it takes for america to triumph is however I spot it. In college, we didn’t get that galore numbers but we had the astir wins this past season, truthful for maine it’s astir winning and immoderate it took to win.’’

Indeed, the Aztecs were 12-2 successful 2021, with Bellinger catching a career-high 31 passes.

Bellinger reported to his archetypal NFL campy and instantly was placed connected the Physically Unable to Perform list, with a quad injury. This amazed him a bit. “I knew erstwhile I was connected it I was doing everything I could to get disconnected it,’’ helium said. Sure enough, Bellinger was cleared connected Day 1 and has not missed a azygous snap.

The aforesaid cannot beryllium said for Ricky Seals-Jones and Jordan Akins, 2 seasoned choky ends caller to the team, who some person missed immoderate clip frankincense far. At this point, it volition beryllium an upset if Bellinger does not look arsenic the No. 1 choky extremity — although, to beryllium fair, helium has not engaged successful a afloat padded signifier yet; that comes connected Monday.

Not each rookie gets to combat for the No. 1 spot. Bellinger is excited by this.

“Oh yeah, I consciousness a tremendous accidental for that,’’ helium said. “I’m thankful for that but I got to onslaught that opportunity.’’