Giants vs. Raiders odds, analysis and predictions for all Week 9 NFL games

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Here we are again with the New York Giants, coming into a location crippled disconnected a nonaccomplishment and suffering a clump of cardinal injuries astatine wide receiver. Two weeks ago, they buckled up and took down the Carolina Panthers, 25-3.

Now, the Giants are coming disconnected a 20-17 decision successful Kansas City connected Monday nighttime that fomented much acrimony than if they had mislaid 38-13. They squandered galore opportunities to triumph outright, arsenic 9.5-point underdogs. Big Blue besides suffered much injuries astatine wide receiver, past had to deal with immoderate affirmative COVID-19 tests erstwhile they arrived home.

This week’s opponent, the Las Vegas Raiders, person had an eventful play successful a batch of ways, some bully and horrible. Quarterback Derek Carr has been excellent, and they pb the AFC West with a 5-2 record. But manager Jon Gruden resigned aft emails helium wrote, described arsenic homophobic and misogynistic, were uncovered successful the Washington Football Team investigation, and this week the squad chopped WR Henry Ruggs III after his Tuesday greeting crash that resulted successful the decease of a woman and her dog. Prosecutors accidental Ruggs was driving 156 mph and had a blood-alcohol speechmaking of doubly the ineligible limit.

The Raiders thrived aft Gruden’s departure, winning 34-24 astatine Denver and 33-22 implicit the Eagles for interim manager Rich Bisaccia. It remains to beryllium seen what effect the Ruggs incidental volition haveon the team.

Unless the Raiders are a ammunition of themselves, they look similar a bully bargain astatine this terms successful portion due to the fact that of the scheduling vantage — though this could backfire if the Giants person different Carolina show successful them. Las Vegas is coming successful disconnected a bye portion the Giants person a abbreviated week with question aft the Monday nighter, which figures to exacerbate their wounded situation.

The pick: Raiders, -3.

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Houston Texans (+5.5) implicit MIAMI DOLPHINS

Miami’s mean people is simply a 29-17 loss, truthful I person nary involvement successful taking this squad arsenic a sizable favourite against anyone. If Tyrod Taylor returns, it could springiness the Texans a jolt of energy.

DALLAS COWBOYS (-10) implicit Denver Broncos

A dense tab, yes, but the Cowboys should beryllium getting backmost a healthier Dak Prescott aft letting Cooper Rush play astatine Minnesota. Denver’s defence yields conscionable 17 ppg, but I wonderment if the commercialized of Von Miller to the Rams volition person a antagonistic effect connected the unit’s psyche.

BALTIMORE RAVENS (-6) implicit Minnesota Vikings

The Ravens volition beryllium playing their 4th consecutive location crippled surrounding past week’s bye, portion the Vikings volition beryllium traveling disconnected their Sunday nighttime nonaccomplishment to the Cowboys. Lamar Jackson and the Ravens besides had 2 weeks to stew astir their 41-17 nonaccomplishment to the Bengals and should beryllium ornery successful this one.

New England Patriots (-3.5) implicit CAROLINA PANTHERS

It mightiness beryllium conscionable arsenic good for the Panthers that P.J. Walker apt volition commencement alternatively of Sam Darnold, but fig Bill Belichick volition bring immoderate ghosts for Walker to spot connected Sunday. The Patriots person won their past 2 roadworthy games by 3 points apiece, truthful the hook is simply a spot concerning here.

Bill BelichickBill BelichickUSA TODAY Sports

JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS (+14.5) implicit Buffalo Bills

Buffalo scored a occurrence screen arsenic an insane 14.5-point favourite implicit the Dolphins past week, and this is simply a league wherever the entity is to win, not triumph by much than 2 touchdowns. Thinking the backmost doorway mightiness beryllium unfastened for Trevor Lawrence, adjacent if the Bills get up comfortably.

CINCINNATI BENGALS (-2.5) implicit Cleveland Browns

Things are not large present with the Browns — who are dealing with a monolithic magnitude of injuries, are negotiating the extremity of Odell Beckham Jr.’s tenure and person scored 17 points oregon less successful 4 of their past 5 games. After their shocking nonaccomplishment to the Jets, the Bengals should person the absorption to instrumentality this 1 by astatine slightest a tract goal.

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS (-6.5) implicit Atlanta Falcons

This is simply a tricky enactment and perchance a small excessively galore points to beryllium laying to Matt Ryan. Going to bash it, though, due to the fact that the Saints person a top-10 yardage defense, Trevor Siemian did OK successful alleviation of the injured Jameis Winston successful the 36-27 upset of the Buccaneers, and Taysom Hill’s expected instrumentality volition adhd immoderate pizzazz to Sean Payton’s play sheet.

Trevor SiemianTrevor SiemianGetty Images

PHILADELPHIA EAGLES (+1.5) implicit Los Angeles Chargers

We’ve seen immoderate reverse enactment question toward the home-underdog Eagles contempt the public’s assurance successful Justin Herbert and the Chargers. Los Angeles doesn’t person to woody with an aboriginal kickoff clip slot, but it is simply a agelong travel and determination volition beryllium a hostile crowd, low-50s temperatures and a writer tract arsenic opposed to the indoor carpet astatine SoFi.

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS (-7) implicit Green Bay Packers

Several backup quarterbacks person stepped successful this play to triumph games and screen spreads, and one, Mike White, already has his jersey successful the Hall of Fame. Still, the feeling present is Aaron Rodgers’ lack owed to a affirmative COVID-19 trial is simply a catastrophe for the Packers. He was capable to bushed the Cardinals with 3 receivers out. Replacing him volition beryllium acold much difficult. The bigger interest for this enactment is the Chiefs hardly ever cover.

SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS (+1.5) implicit Arizona Cardinals

The iffy presumption of Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins makes it hard to get excited astir backing the Cardinals successful Santa Clara. Another crippled with reverse enactment question from Arizona -3 contempt the nationalist support.

LOS ANGELES RAMS (-7.5) implicit Tennessee Titans

Derrick Henry’s wounded is simply a immense stroke to the Titans. I don’t spot this arsenic a concern successful which they tin conscionable plug successful idiosyncratic else. Henry’s velocity and spot are unique, and were the instauration of the full offense. He besides would get stronger arsenic the crippled went on, enabling the Titans to predominate the 4th quarter. That’s each gone. Mike Vrabel is simply a bully manager and volition reinvent his team, but it volition instrumentality a small time.


Chicago Bears (+6.5) implicit PITTSBURGH STEELERS

It’s astir masochistic to support backing the Bears aft being burned by them truthful often, but present goes. The full for this crippled is 39.5, which is prehistoric by NFL standards. That means the anticipation is for an inept violative slog. The Steelers mean conscionable 18.9 ppg, truthful it’s a batch to inquire them to triumph by astir a touchdown.

Best bets: Ravens, Bengals, 49ers.
Lock of the week: Ravens (Locks 5-2 successful 2021).
Last week: 8-7 overall, 2-1 Best Bets.
Thursday: Jets (L).