Giants vs. Raiders: Preview, predictions, what to watch for

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An wrong look astatine Sunday’s Giants-Raiders Week 9 matchup successful MetLife Stadium:

Marquee matchup

Raiders DE Maxx Crosby vs. Giants RT Nate Solder

Um, this is not a matchup that favors the Giants. Solder knows the ropes arsenic a veteran, but helium is past his premier and volition request assistance here.

Expect to spot a choky extremity lined up adjacent to Solder aboriginal and often. Crosby, a 2019 fourth-round prime retired of Eastern Michigan, has developed nicely, with 17 sacks successful his archetypal 2 years. He has 5 sacks this season, including 3 successful Week 6 astatine Denver.

“He’s a feline that tin get aft the quarterback,’’ Daniel Jones said. “He puts a batch of unit connected offenses to get the shot retired connected clip and plays truly hard. He’s got truly bully walk unreserved moves. He’s a hard feline to block.’’

Nate Solder and Maxx CrosbyNate Solder and Maxx CrosbyRobert Sabo; Getty Images

Paul’s pick

The antiaircraft strategy enactment successful spot past week by Patrick Graham was outstanding, and if his portion tin execute with that ratio again, the Giants person a chance. Where volition the points travel from, though? The expected instrumentality of Kenny Golladay should help, and Kadarius Toney should beryllium steadfast capable to marque immoderate plays. The Raiders are 28th successful the NFL successful tally defense, but the Giants are erstwhile again without Saquon Barkley. Maybe a large rushing crippled from Daniel Jones?

Raiders 27, Giants 20

4 Downs

M*A*S*H UNIT: The wellness of the Giants, oregon deficiency thereof, continues to beryllium an overwhelming story, week aft week. Wednesday, the Giants had 8 players connected their wounded study with existent carnal issues (two were exclusively COVID-19 related). The Raiders had conscionable 2 players connected their list. Both were capable to signifier connected a constricted basis. One of them was chemoreceptor tackle Johnathan Hankins, the Giants’ second-round prime successful 2013. Is the ever-growing wounded study a lawsuit of atrocious luck, atrocious information, a too-cautious approach, excessively much, excessively little? Each game, it seems, who is not playing for the Giants is simply a bigger communicative than who is. Something has to beryllium done astir this, due to the fact that it severely compromises the chances for success.

Corner the market: At 6-foot-1 and 212 pounds, James Bradberry has fantabulous size for a cornerback. That is 1 of the reasons the Giants felt comfy matching him past week against TE Travis Kelce (6-5, 256). Defensive coordinator Patrick Graham learned this from his days with the Patriots, erstwhile cornerback Aqib Talib would often beryllium asked to woody with choky ends. This week, it’s Darren Waller of the Raiders, a beast to cover.

“We’ll astir apt person 2 to 3 radical successful antheral situations extremity up covering this guy, but I’m definite JB volition get a accidental astatine him astatine immoderate point,’’ Graham said. “Anytime you’ve got a large corner, their skill-set moving with receivers oregon going against receivers, and past you adhd that size constituent versus a choky end, I deliberation it perchance helps us.’’

Carr alarm: Derek Carr is ne'er mentioned among the elite quarterbacks successful the league, astir apt due to the fact that helium has not risen to that level. Is helium a existent franchise quarterback? He is 11th successful the NFL successful passer standing astatine 101.2, is ever an close thrower (67.7 percent) and 2 weeks agone completed 31 of 34 passes successful beating the Eagles.

“He’s got large command,’’ information Logan Ryan said. “That crippled against the Eagles was a clinic, an violative clinic. You’ve got to springiness him his respect.’’

Special guy: Thomas McGaughey has been a peculiar teams coordinator successful the NFL since 2014, and whenever helium opens his mouth, absorbing and pertinent comments travel retired of it. He has a team-wide presumption of things. Here is what helium said astir rookie Kadarius Toney getting drilled connected a punt instrumentality past week, interaction that would person been avoided with the prudent determination to telephone for a just catch: “It’s similar thing else, I archer him each the time, sometimes you win, sometimes you learn, you ne'er lose. He won successful that concern due to the fact that he’s learned a invaluable experience. Don’t pursuit plays, fto them travel to you.’’