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A high-profile national transgression investigation into Rudy Giuliani has zeroed successful connected grounds that successful outpouring 2019 3 Ukrainian authorities prosecutors agreed to grant contracts valued successful the hundreds of thousands of dollars to the erstwhile New York politician and 2 different US attorneys arsenic a mode to summation governmental and idiosyncratic power with the Trump administration.

Investigators believe Giuliani, Victoria Toensing and Joe DiGenova astir apt violated national transparency laws that necessitate Americans moving for overseas governments to registry arsenic overseas agents with the US justness department.

  • What grounds bash the prosecutors have? They person compiled a database of much than 2 dozen specific acts by Giuliani, Toesning and DiGenova arsenic to however to beforehand the idiosyncratic and governmental interests of a radical of Ukrainian prosecutors.

  • How does this subordinate to the run against Joe Biden’s lad Hunter? They person besides uncovered extensive, elaborate plans devised by 1 Ukrainian prosecutor, Yuriy Lutsenko, and approved by Giuliani, to beforehand an probe into Hunter successful Ukraine successful bid to assistance boost Donald Trump’s chances of re-election.

Body stroke for Biden arsenic voters successful Virginia and New Jersey godforsaken Democrats

Republican Glenn Youngkin holds predetermination  nighttime  lawsuit   successful  contention    for Virginia governorSupporters of Republican nominee for Governor of Virginia Glenn Youngkin respond  arsenic  Fox News declares Youngkin has won his contention    against Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe and Young volition  beryllium  the adjacent  Governor of Virginia during his predetermination  nighttime  enactment      astatine  a edifice  successful  Chantilly, Virginia, U.S., November 3, 2021. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst
Supporters of Glenn Youngkin respond arsenic Fox News declares triumph for the Republican successful his contention against Terry McAuliffe successful Chantilly, Virginia. Photograph: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

Less than a twelvemonth aft taking power of the White House and Congress, Democrats were reeling connected Wednesday from a shocking decision successful Virginia and a choky contention for politician successful New Jersey arsenic Joe Biden’s popularity sinks and his home docket hangs successful the balance.

In Virginia, a authorities that had shifted sharply near implicit the past decennary and that Biden won by 10 points successful 2020, the Republican Glenn Youngkin, a governmental newcomer, defeated the Democrat Terry McAuliffe, a erstwhile politician of the state. And successful New Jersey the Democratic governor, Phil Murphy, managed lone a constrictive triumph implicit the Republican Jack Ciattarelli, an unexpected crook of events successful a authorities that is adjacent much reliably Democratic.

Tuesday’s elections were the archetypal large trial of the nationalist temper since Biden took bureau successful January, and the results were profoundly disappointing for the president and his enactment arsenic they effort to support power of wafer-thin majorities successful Congress.

  • How unpopular is Biden astatine the moment? Biden’s canvass numbers person slumped to adjacent historical lows. In mid-August, voters approved of the president by a borderline of 50 to 43.8%. Today they disapprove of him by a borderline of 51.1 to 43.2%.

  • Why is this? Months of infighting among Democrats implicit his astir $3tn legislative docket connected Capitol Hill, a devastating evacuation from Afghanistan and the ever-present menace of coronavirus are each thought to person contributed to his deficiency of popularity.

US onslaught that killed 10 Afghan civilians was legal, says Pentagon

Residents and household  members of victims stitchery  aft  a US drone airstrike successful  Kabul killed 10 civilians successful  Afghanistan
Residents and household members of victims stitchery aft a US drone airstrike successful Kabul killed 10 civilians successful Afghanistan. Photograph: Wakil Kohsar/AFP/Getty Images

A US drone onslaught successful Kabul successful August that killed 10 Afghan civilians was a tragic mistake but did not interruption immoderate laws, a Pentagon inspector wide has said aft an investigation.

Three adults, including a antheral who worked for a US assistance group, and 7 children were killed successful the 29 August operation. The people is believed to person been a location and a conveyance occupied by Islamic State militants.

“The probe recovered nary usurpation of law, including the instrumentality of war. Execution errors combined with confirmation bias and connection breakdowns led to regrettable civilian casualties,” Lt Gen Sami Said, the inspector wide for the US Air Force, said successful a report.

  • What other did Said say? He told reporters the onslaught was “an honorable mistake” and not transgression conduct, random behaviour oregon negligence.

  • Why did those liable transportation retired the strike? The radical straight progressive successful the onslaught genuinely believed “that they were targeting an imminent strike”, Said said.

Climate misinformation connected Facebook ‘increasing substantially’, survey says

‘This is wherever the ambitions of Cop 26 and the revelations of the Facebook Papers collide, with our information showing Facebook is among the world’s biggest purveyors of clime disinformation,’ researchers said. Photograph: Andre M Chang/Zuma/Rex/Shutterstock

The standard of climate misinformation connected Facebook is “staggering” and “increasing rather substantially”, a caller investigation of hundreds of thousands of posts has found.

A study released connected Thursday by the Real Facebook Oversight Board, an autarkic watchdog group, and the biology nonprofit Stop Funding Heat, analyzed a dataset of much than 195 Facebook pages and groups. Researchers recovered an estimated 818,000 posts downplaying oregon denying the clime crisis, which received a combined 1.36m views a day.

The study’s merchandise coincides with the Cop26 clime acme successful Glasgow. The study urges governments to earnestly see the relation of clime misinformation connected societal media successful derailing the conflict to reduce greenhouse state emissions. Researchers said: “Facebook is among the world’s biggest purveyors of clime disinformation.”

  • What did Facebook accidental astir the findings? Facebook did not instantly respond to a petition for comment. It has antecedently said it continues to counteract the dispersed of misinformation by flagging clime accusation and referring users to its Climate Change Science Center.

In different news…

People get   a look   astatine  the uncommon  Amorphophallus titanum, amended  known arsenic  the corpse plant, astatine  the San Diego Botanic Gardens successful  Encinitas, Calif., connected  Monday, Nov. 1, 2021. The bloom of a elephantine  stinky Sumatran angiosperm  has drawn crowds to a Southern California garden. The bloom of the works  began Sunday day  and by Monday greeting  timed-entry tickets had sold out, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported.(Jarrod Valliere/The San Diego Union-Tribune via AP)
Bloom of the plant, which emits a putrid odor of rotting flesh, began Sunday. Photograph: Jarrod Valliere/AP

Stat of the day: projected pupil dormitory would beryllium eighth densest vicinity successful the world

A rendition of Munger Hall astatine University of California, Santa Barbara. Photograph: Courtesy UC Santa Barbara

A “giant windowless prison”, “Dormzilla”, a “torture experiment”: the net has been weighing successful connected the operation program for a pupil dormitory astatine the University of California, Santa Barbara, since an architect’s resignation missive went viral. The task has sparked fierce debate astir what radical should, oregon can, endure successful the sanction of efficiency. The projected dormitory would beryllium the world’s densest, a feat achieved by packing 4,500 students into a 11-story gathering whose bedrooms are mostly devoid of windows.

Don’t miss this: Sopranos prima Michael Imperioli remembers the clip helium astir killed the starring man

Imperioli with Tony Sirico (Paulie ‘Walnuts’ Gualtieri) successful  the Pine Barrens occurrence  of The Sopranos.
Imperioli with Tony Sirico (Paulie ‘Walnuts’ Gualtieri) successful the Pine Barrens occurrence of The Sopranos. Photograph: HBO

There person been reams written astir The Sopranos, often rated arsenic the top TV bid of each time. It won Michael Imperioli an Emmy successful 2004, 1 of 21 the amusement picked up. After the precocious James Gandolfini – who played Tony Soprano – Imperioli is astir apt the show’s most recognisable star. Even though the amusement ended astir 15 years ago, it’s much fashionable present than ever. HBO reported a 200% surge successful viewers past twelvemonth successful the US. And connected the backmost of that, Imperioli and his chap formed subordinate Steve Schirripa person written a caller book, which they are billing arsenic the definitive oral past of The Sopranos.

Climate check: The acheronian secrets down large oil’s clime pledges

A protester successful  London dressed arsenic  a ‘scrubber’ with her ‘greenwashing machine’
A protester successful London dressed arsenic a ‘scrubber’ with her ‘greenwashing machine’. Photograph: Vuk Valcic/SOPA Images/Rex/Shutterstock

JPMorgan Chase won glowing headlines past twelvemonth erstwhile it announced a committedness to antagonistic the clime crisis. The slope waited months to item its plans, and successful May it said it would not property lipid companies to little their emissions. Instead, it would promote them to go much efficient, focusing connected their “carbon intensity”. That metric has go a favourite of banks, lipid companies and different large businesses. But “carbon intensity” pledges person fixed companies a model to support investing successful soiled fuels.

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Last Thing: pistillate California condors tin reproduce without males

A California condor named Molloko astatine  the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.
A California condor named Molloko astatine the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Photograph: Mike Blake/Reuters

The California condor is the largest flying vertebrate successful North America, with a 10ft wingspan that enables it to soar up to 15,000ft – astir fractional the tallness of a commercialized airplane. Now the birds tin assertion different superlative feat: scientists person discovered that females tin reproduce without a antheral partner, successful a uncommon improvement known arsenic parthenogenesis. Oliver Ryder, the manager of conservation genetics for the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, has called the caller findings a “eureka moment”. “Many scientists person experiences similar this erstwhile they spot the satellite successful a mode they haven’t seen before,” said Ryder, who co-wrote a paper detailing the discovery.

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