Gladys Berejiklian Icac hearing live updates: former premier appears before inquiry for second day

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Much of the questioning aboriginal connected Friday concentrated connected the nature and closeness of the narration betwixt Maguire and Berejiklian.

This whitethorn person seemed intensely idiosyncratic to some, but the committee is forced to research the contented due to the fact that Berejiklian has claimed she never disclosed the narration arsenic a imaginable struggle due to the fact that it wasn’t of “sufficient status” oregon importance.

The committee was shown a substance connection connected Friday successful which Berejiklian described Maguire arsenic being similar “family”.

The erstwhile premier sought past to separate her narration with Maguire from the relationships with her parent and sisters. She denied Maguire was similar family, saying it was a “turn of phrase”. Instead, she said, helium was portion of her “love circle”.

Scott Robertson, the counsel assisting Icac, replied:

“So erstwhile you accidental ‘you’re my family’ you didn’t mean ‘you’re my family’?”

Expect much questions connected this contented today.

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Gladys Berejiklian pulls up   astatine  Icac this morning
Gladys Berejiklian pulls up astatine Icac this morning. Photograph: Dean Lewins/AAP

So what did we perceive connected Friday?

Well, arsenic it truthful often does, Icac played damning wiretaps of telephone calls – successful this lawsuit betwixt Gladys Berejiklian and her past person Daryl Maguire.

In one, Maguire complained of the deficiency of wealth for his electorate successful the looming 2018 budget, peculiarly the lack of a $170m committedness helium wanted for the Wagga Wagga hospital.

Berejiklian told him she would “fix it” and called the past treasurer Dominic Perrottet. Within 5 minutes, she said, she’d secured Maguire the $170m.

She is recorded saying:

I said, ‘Just enactment the $140m successful the budget.’ He goes, ‘No worries.’ He does what I inquire him to.

Maguire responds simply:

It is expected to beryllium $170m.

In different call, possibly the astir shocking, Maguire complains of being subpoenaed by the committee to springiness grounds astir his engagement with the Chinese spot elephantine Country Garden and its dealings successful Sydney’s interior west.

Berejiklian asks repeated questions astir what Icac is pursuing and what helium volition accidental to them. Maguire uses the telephone to obstruction against the commission, likening it to the “Spanish fucking inquisition”, and lament the transparency and anti-corruption oversight MPs face:

Nobody tin person a conversation, cipher tin marque representations. What’s happening is that MPs and others are being muted by the information that you person each this overseeing … successful a mode that paints you arsenic fucking corrupt if you person a conversation.

At 1 point, helium suggests Icac mightiness adjacent beryllium signaling their telephone call. Berejiklian responds: “Is that going to beryllium a problem?” She besides describes Maguire’s associates arsenic “dodgy”, prompting the erstwhile Wagga Wagga MP to reply:

Everyone’s dodgy. Gladys, that means you can’t premix with anybody.

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Good morning

Christopher Knaus

Hello and invited to our unrecorded sum of the 2nd time of Gladys Berejiklian’s grounds to the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

If Friday is thing to spell by, we tin safely expect much explosive grounds from the erstwhile premier astir her dealings with her erstwhile partner, the ex-Wagga Wagga MP Daryl Maguire.

The committee is exploring what Berejiklian mightiness person suspected astir Maguire’s alleged corrupt behaviour and whether she gave him favourable attraction arsenic premier, peculiarly implicit 2 grants helium was seeking for projects successful his electorate. Berejiklian has ever denied she suspected Maguire of wrongdoing and said she did not respect the narration arsenic being of capable presumption to declare.

The hearings statesman astatine 9am and will, arsenic always, beryllium livestreamed for the public.

Not agelong to spell present until proceedings get nether way.

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