Glenn Youngkin Vows to Ban Critical Race Theory ‘On Day One’ If Elected Governor of Virginia

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Virginia’s gubernatorial contention continues to vigor up implicit the power of critical contention theory (CRT) successful K-12 education, with Republican campaigner Glenn Youngkin vowing to prohibition the Marxist ideology “on time one” if elected, and his Democratic hostile Terry McAuliffe insisting that it has ne'er been taught successful nationalist schools.

With lone 2 days to spell until Election Day and aboriginal voting underway, Youngkin pledged connected Sunday during an interrogation with Fox News’ “Life, Liberty & Levin” that helium would prohibition the teaching of CRT, which helium said divides children into groups of “oppressors” and the “oppressed,” pitting them against each other.

“What we cognize is [critical contention theory] teaches children to spot everything done a lens of contention and past to disagreement them into buckets and person children that are called privileged and others that are victims, and it’s conscionable wrong,” Youngkin said. “And it, successful fact, forces our kids to vie against 1 different and steals their dreams.”

“In the immortal words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we’re called to justice 1 different based connected the contented of our quality and not the colour of our skin,” helium continued. “That’s wherefore there’s nary spot for captious contention mentation successful our school system, and why, connected time one, I’m going to prohibition it.”

Meanwhile, McAuliffe connected Sunday repeated the assertion that the CRT has ne'er been taught successful the state.

“What’s Glenn Youngkin’s acquisition plan? He wants to prohibition Critical Race Theory. Well, fto maine explicate to you, it’s ne'er been successful Virginia,” the erstwhile politician said connected MSNBC’s “Meet the Press.”

“As I said before, and I’ll accidental it again, it’s ne'er been taught successful Virginia. And I truly hatred it, due to the fact that it’s a racist canine whistle,” helium told big Chuck Todd. “It’s not taught truthful each you’re doing is pitting parents against parents, parents against teachers, and they’re utilizing children arsenic governmental pawns.”

The candidates’ remarks travel arsenic writer and filmmaker Christopher Rufo, who is known for exposing the infiltration of CRT into governments, schools, and businesses, shared documents showing the beingness of CRT successful Virginia Department of Education.

Among the documents shared by Rufo is simply a slideshow (pdf) dating backmost to 2015 during McAuliffe’s tenure arsenic governor. The presentation, which focuses connected radical disparities successful nationalist schoolhouse discipline, recommends that schoolhouse administrators incorporated a “Critical Race Theory lens” into their disciplinary process, and that teachers “embrace Critical Race Theory” and “engage successful race-conscious teaching and learning.”

In a 2019 memo sent to Virginia’s nationalist schools, the DOE recommended a database of resources educators tin usage to hole for “dialogue astir race, racism, and bigotry.” The database includes the publication “Foundations of Critical Race Theory successful Education,” which describes the CRT arsenic an “important analytic tool” and provides an “overview of the past and tenets of CRT successful education.”

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