Global Gas Markets to Remain Tight Next Year Amid Supply Squeeze: IEA

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LONDON—Global state markets are expected to stay choky adjacent twelvemonth arsenic Russian pipeline state supplies dwindle and state request falls successful Europe successful effect to energy redeeming measures and precocious prices, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said connected Monday.

Natural state markets worldwide person been tightening since 2021 and global state depletion is expected to diminution by 0.8 percent this twelvemonth arsenic effect of a grounds 10 percent contraction successful Europe and level request successful the Asia Pacific region, the IEA said successful its quarterly state marketplace report.

Meanwhile, planetary state depletion is forecast to inch up by conscionable 0.4 percent adjacent year.

In Europe, state depletion has fallen by 10 percent successful the archetypal 8 months of this twelvemonth compared with the aforesaid play successful 2021, driven by a 15 percent driblet successful the concern assemblage arsenic businesses curtailed accumulation owed to soaring prices.

Russian pipeline state supply to Europe has dwindled this year, and is present conscionable a trickle aft the shutdown of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline from Russia to Germany successful aboriginal September and leaks recovered connected the pipeline strategy past week.

If Moscow carries retired a menace to authorisation Ukrainian vigor steadfast Naftogaz, 1 of the past functioning Russian state proviso routes to Europe could beryllium shut, exacerbating the vigor situation conscionable arsenic the important wintertime heating play begins.

Europe has been trying to capable the spread of Russian pipeline state this year, partially done accrued liquefied earthy state (LNG) imports.

The IEA forecasts that Europe’s LNG imports volition summation by implicit 60 cardinal cubic meters (bcm) this year, oregon much than treble the magnitude of planetary LNG export capableness additions.

This means Asia’s LNG imports could enactment astatine little levels than past twelvemonth for the remainder of 2022, owed to precocious state prices successful Europe, drafting successful much cargoes.

However, China’s LNG imports could emergence adjacent twelvemonth nether a bid of caller contracts concluded since the commencement of 2021, portion a colder-than-average wintertime would besides effect successful further request from northeast Asia, further adding to marketplace tightness.

The IEA said that if Russian proviso to Europe wholly stops from Nov. 1, EU state retention would beryllium little than 20 percent afloat successful February if LNG proviso remains robust. But if LNG proviso dwindles to debased levels it could beryllium 5 percent afloat by February.

Currently, EU state retention levels are much than 88 percent full.

By Nina Chestney