Going over to the dark side for wedded bliss | Brief letters

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In 1973, we wanted a achromatic Dark Side of the Moon wedding barroom (Nice time for a achromatic wedding: brides ditch achromatic for melodramatic gowns, 13 May). Sadly this thought was vetoed, but astatine slightest we had a smallish homemade 1 for our 40th wedding anniversary.
Dave Hanson

Rishi Sunak’s latest crushed for nary uplift successful cosmopolitan recognition is that the Department for Work and Pensions machine strategy volition not let it (Report, 13 May). It whitethorn travel arsenic a shocking revelation to him that humans plan and power IT systems, not the different mode around.
Dr Stephen Pacey
North Muskham, Nottinghamshire

I announcement that proposal is being offered to nutrient slope users connected however to navigator inexpensive meals (Letters, 15 May). At our section nutrient slope determination is simply a support marked “Kettle only”. It was for those who don’t person entree to a cooker. It is being extended to those who person a cooker, but can’t spend to usage it. Any look proposal for them?
Roger Foreman
Gobowen, Shropshire

I decided to economise connected luncheon by making myself a snack from leftovers. Lacking an accompanying roll, I went to my section baker lone to beryllium charged 32p for one.
Dr Allan Dodds

I consciousness definite that redoubtable readers (Letters 15 May) volition beryllium acutely conscious of the psychosocial, governmental and culinary import of challenging accepted narratives of meal routines. Weirdness doesn’t travel into it.
Simon Gibbs
Professor of inclusive acquisition science and philosophy, Newcastle University