Google breached its own ‘don’t be evil’ motto, ex-employees’ lawsuit claims

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A radical of erstwhile Google employees person sued the company, alleging that it breached their employment contracts by not honoring its celebrated motto “don’t beryllium evil”.

In the suit filed successful California authorities court, erstwhile Google employees Rebecca Rivers, Sophie Waldman and Paul Duke alleged that they were fired 2 years agone for fulfilling their contractual work to talk up if they saw Google violating its “don’t beryllium evil” pledge.

Google has promoted “don’t beryllium evil” arsenic a halfway worth for implicit 20 years, including erstwhile it went nationalist successful 2004.

The 3 erstwhile Google bundle engineers had raised concerns astatine municipality halls and different forums wrong Google astir the institution perchance selling unreality exertion to US migration authorities.

The workers considered the imaginable migration enactment “evil” nether Google’s policies, which telephone for “acting honorably and treating each different with respect” and engaging successful “the highest imaginable standards of ethical concern conduct”, according to the lawsuit. The company’s codification of behaviour says workers who deliberation the institution whitethorn beryllium falling abbreviated of its committedness should not enactment silent, the suit said.

The workers are seeking an unspecified magnitude of damages.

Google has said that the employees violated information information policies. The institution did not instantly respond to a petition for remark connected the caller lawsuit.

The 3 erstwhile employees’ firings besides person led to a National Labor Relations Board proceedings implicit whether the institution engaged successful unfair practices to stem increasing idiosyncratic organizing.