‘Gossip Girl’ Gives An Update On Dan & Serena’s Lives As Georgina Returns

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You didn’t deliberation Georgina Sparks was going to spell distant quietly, did you? The iconic original Gossip Girl character resurfaced successful the December 29 occurrence of Gossip Girl play 2 and took america close into Dan and Serena’s location aft kidnapping Kate.

Dan and Serena person near the Upper East Side and moved to Brooklyn Heights. I’m definite Blair is thrilled astir it. Georgina scoffs that she’d “rather beryllium backmost astatine Jesus campy than beryllium caught dormant here.”

Dan SerenaBlake Lively and Penn Badgley arsenic Serena and Dan. (The CW/Everett Collection)

Georgina explains that Dan and Serena fired their unit erstwhile they thought idiosyncratic was breaking in. They enactment up cameras everywhere, truthful Georgina had her lad loop the image. They’re present bringing successful a paranormal expert. “They person nary thought I’m their poltergeist,” Georgina tells Kate.

Georgina has been torturing Dan and Serena for the past 5 oregon 6 years. She isn’t conscionable targeting Dan and Serena, though. She’s replacing their oat beverage with afloat dairy due to the fact that their kid is lactose intolerant. Yes, Dan and Serena person a kid!

Georgina has Kate connected a choky leash. She’s determined to destruct Max Wolfe’s parents’ re-wedding and threatens to crook Kate successful to the constabulary if she doesn’t comply. Georgina’s program doesn’t spell down precisely arsenic she thought.

Later, Georgina breaks into Kate’s apartment. She doesn’t deliberation Kate has realized Gossip Girl’s afloat potential. She wants Kate to create stories.  Kate refuses. Georgina expected this response, truthful she’s going to thatch Kate however to beryllium a “true cause of chaos.”

Kate doesn’t privation Georgina’s help, truthful Georgina leaves. Before she goes, Georgina warns Kate that she’s not similar the different teachers. “I don’t sting, I burn,” she says. Original fans are good alert of this.

Michelle TrachtenbergMichelle Trachtenberg arsenic Georgina Sparks. (HBO Max)

Georgina Sparks’ archetypal reign of panic was backmost successful the precise archetypal play of the archetypal Gossip Girl. She made Serena’s beingness miserable by blackmailing her. After being sent disconnected to Jesus camp, Georgina returned and got her claws into Dan. She made him deliberation that she was large with his baby. Turns out, Milo’s existent begetter was a Russian antheral named Serge.

While Georgina had a knack for axenic drama, she did assistance retired Serena and Blair successful the last season. She helped instrumentality down Bart Bass and aided Blair and Chuck erstwhile they request to permission the country aft Bart’s death. After the clip jump, Georgina was dating Jack Bass.

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