Gracie McGraw, 26, Confirms She Took Ozempic For PCOS As She Reveals Weight Loss In Bikini Photo

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Gracie McGraw

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Gracie McGraw, 26, opened up astir taking Ozempic arsenic she flaunted her value nonaccomplishment connected Instagram May 26. The girl of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill shared a photograph of herself rocking a bikini, with the caption “It’s a gorgeous time for narcissism!”, to which a instrumentality commented, “And Ozempic!” Gracie responded to the instrumentality and confirmed that she took Ozempic — a benignant 2 diabetes attraction — past year, earlier switching to a caller medicine to dainty her polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

“I did usage Ozempic past year, yes,” Grace said successful her response. “I americium present connected a debased dose of Mounjaro for my PCOS arsenic good arsenic moving out,” she revealed. “No request to impeach erstwhile I person been unfastened astir it.”

Gracie McGraw(Photo: Instagram/Graciemcgra)

Gracie has PCOS, a uncommon hormone imbalance that causes value gain, among different things. She revealed her diagnosis to her followers successful March 2022, and confirmed that the PCOS was causing her value summation implicit the years.

“During my assignment with my endocrinologist I realized that whitethorn had been a origin successful my issues with weight, truthful we decided to effort a medicine to modulate my assemblage much usually and make the tools to proceed to support my assemblage and myself steadfast arsenic I get older,” Gracie said. “I’m learning to navigate the caller blemishes but I don’t deliberation that I would person ever allowed myself to spell to a doctors assignment similar this unless I had taken the close steps toward my intelligence health, due to the fact that arsenic overmuch arsenic carnal wellness is important, intelligence goes manus and hand.”

Gracie McGrawGracie McGraw (Photo: Yvonne Tnt/

Gracie besides confirmed successful her March 2022 station that she was prescribed some Ozempic and Qysmia, which is utilized to dainty obesity. She noted successful her connection that she’s not diabetic, contempt the doctors telling her to instrumentality Ozempic. Since then, the musician and actress has showed disconnected her value nonaccomplishment connected her Instagram, proving that the medicine she’s been taking has been moving to dainty her value struggles.

Gracie is the eldest of Faith and Tim’s three daughters. Besides Gracie, they besides have Maggie, 24, and Audrey, 21. Gracie has followed successful her parents’ footsteps arsenic a vocalist and actress. She moved to NYC to go a Broadway star, and astatine the opening of May she performed successful the performance bid Broadway Sings Queen for 2 nights.

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