Grave Danger Welcome You To Ska-lloween With New Ghostly Groove ‘Spector Inspector’

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Exclusive Premiere

October 25, 2021 1:00PM EDT

Two-tone has gone orangish and black, acknowledgment to ska-goth set Grave Danger! Ahead of Halloween, the radical wants to get you successful the spooky tone with immoderate assistance from a paranormal backstage eye.

What bash you bash erstwhile you’re a ska fan, and you driblet your candy portion Trick-or-Treating? You pickitup-pickitup-pickitup. All (terrible) joking aside, Chicago’s Grave Danger shows that ska tin beryllium arsenic overmuch a portion of Halloween arsenic horror movies and full-sized candy bars. The set — Dave Schwantes, Dane Erbach, Chris Marcanti, Margaret Miller, Andy Miller, and Emily Erbach – has delivered a high-powered horn blast of goth-ska (“skath”) goodness connected past Halloweens, and this year, they’re getting the enactment started early. In “Specter Inspector,” premiering connected HollywoodLife, the Grave Danger introduces a ghostly gumshoe, an undead detective, a spooky sleuth successful hunt of creepy clues. The set besides delivers a monolithic magnitude of fun, and if you’re not grinning similar a Jack O’Lantern astatine the end, you mightiness beryllium dead.

“I’ve ever enjoyed ‘ska spy songs’ successful the contented of ‘Spy Market’ by Let’s Go Bowling and ‘Seventh Street Gangster’ by Dance Hall Crashers,” says Grave Danger’s David Schwantes, “and I thought the operation ‘specter inspector’ was conscionable funny. This opus was a accidental to thin into a driving bass line, a slinky horn part, and tons of organ and physique a movie noir benignant detective satellite afloat of ghosts and supernatural intrigue.”

“Specter Inspector” marks the band’s archetypal new music since their 2019 EP, Tomb Who It May Concern. The five-track merchandise included tracks similar “Give Up The Ghost,” “Bigfoot Beach,” and a devilish mentation of The Misfits’ “Halloween.” Both Tomb It May Concern and 2018’s Let ‘er RIP! should beryllium added to this year’s playlist (and, if your bosom bleeds achromatic and orangish 24/7, Grave Danger should beryllium blasting retired your speakers good past Thanksgiving and into New Year’s.) Whether oregon not the caller “ska-nnisance” is existent remains to beryllium seen, but 1 happening is for sure: Grave Danger is simply a spooky delight, afloat of ghoulish charm and monstrously infectious hooks.

Grave Danger was calved retired of the minds of David Schwantes and Dane Erbach, 2 precocious schoolhouse friends who spent their younker successful Chicago’s suburbs by brainstorming fake bands with their friends. Fifteen years later, the 2 decided to blend Reel Big Fish’s playful cognition with the skulls and zombies you’d find successful immoderate Blitzkid record. It helped that some David and Dane played successful ska bands before, and thus, were capable to enlistee a legion of fiends, freaks, and similarly-minded weirdos.

So erstwhile you’re two-stepping and skanking on astatine this year’s Halloween parties, don’t beryllium amazed if you find yourself dancing on to a ghost. Just crank up the Grave Danger, popular unfastened a mates of pumpkin-flavored drinks, and person the champion “Skalloween” ever!