Greece in ‘preliminary’ talks with British Museum about Parthenon marbles

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Senior Greek officials person been successful “preliminary” talks with the British Museum successful what could magnitude to a tectonic displacement successful resolving the world’s longest-running taste dispute: the repatriation of the 5th-century Parthenon marbles to Athens.

“It is existent determination is simply a dialog betwixt the Greek authorities and the British Museum,” the country’s curate of state, Giorgos Gerapetritis, said. “Right now, they are preliminary talks and, yes, I person met the British Museum’s chair, George Osborne, [to sermon the issue].”

Revelations astir the negotiations were archetypal reported connected Saturday by Ta Nea, which said the officials included the Greek premier minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who had besides met Osborne successful a five-star London edifice arsenic precocious arsenic Monday.

Insiders successful Athens described the report, which gave a blow-by-blow relationship of wherever the talks had been conducted, arsenic “not lone credible but precise exciting”.

The quality came 5 days aft Mitsotakis told an assemblage astatine the London School of Economics that helium “sensed” headway was being made connected the contented and that a “win-win solution” was possible.

“We person seen progress,” said the Greek leader, who has made reunification of the classical statuary with the carvings that person remained successful Athens, a taste priority. “I bash consciousness a momentum.”

The enactment implicit the marbles – removed successful contentious circumstances by Lord Elgin, who was ambassador astatine the clip to the Ottoman Empire of which contiguous time Greece was past a portion – has raged for much than 200 years.

The British Museum acquired the antiquities, which see 75 metres of the Parthenon’s archetypal 160-metre agelong frieze, successful 1816 when, bankrupt, despondent and racked by syphilis, the diplomat was forced to portion with them.

Elgin, who had initially hoped to adorn his Scottish property with the treasures, maintained helium had been granted a “firman” by Ottoman authorities that permitted his agents successful Athens to dismantle the pieces. It has since travel to airy that overmuch of the statuary was violently detached, with slabs present successful the British Museum’s possession hacked from the monument with the usage of saws.

Ta Nea reported that the archetypal of respective behind-the-scenes meetings had taken spot successful London betwixt Osborne and Mitsotakis successful 2021. The erstwhile chancellor had followed up with further discussions with 2 elder Greek authorities ministers.

“At slightest 2 of those meetings were held astatine the Greek ambassador’s residence successful Mayfair. Another 1 was held arsenic precocious arsenic this week astatine a edifice successful Knightsbridge,” wrote the paper’s London correspondent, Yannis Andritsopoulos.

“The discussions person been kept retired of the nationalist eye. The seat of London’s largest depository archetypal visited the [Greek] ambassador’s residence, astatine 51 Upper Brook Street, successful mid-November 2021, to clasp ‘exploratory talks’ with Mitsotakis astir the destiny of the 2,500-year-old sculptures.”

Negotiations, it said, further evolved this week erstwhile Osborne visited the Berkeley edifice successful Knightsbridge to conscionable the Greek premier “a twelvemonth aft their archetypal concealed encounter”.

The quality implicit ownership of the sculptures has descended into acrimony, with the Greek civilization curate accusing Elgin of committing a “blatant enactment of serial theft”.

As the rhetoric has intensified, campaigners, backed by increasing enactment among Britons for their return, person piled the unit connected London’s premier taste instauration to change its stance.

Gerapetritis conceded that the talks were aimed arsenic overmuch astatine “establishing principles” [of discussion] arsenic ameliorating the progressively toxic ambiance that had arisen connected the issue. Both sides, helium said, were alert of their “red lines” and a woody was acold from close.

“Although determination is simply a communal understanding, a batch of details person yet to beryllium worked out,” added the minister, who described Mitsotakis arsenic giving him a mandate to prosecute further talks.

Asked astir his face-to-face talks with Osborne, helium insisted: “The discussions are not precise specific. Rather, we are trying to found a bully transmission of dialogue.”

In August, the British Museum’s lawman director, Jonathan Williams, announced that the instauration was anxious to “change the somesthesia of the debate”.

“There is abstraction for a truly dynamic and affirmative speech with which caller ways of moving unneurotic tin beryllium found,” Williams told the Sunday Times.

A connection issued by the British Museum said the talks were portion of efforts to make a “a caller Parthenon concern with Greece”.

“We’ll speech to anyone, including the Greek government, astir however to instrumentality that forward. We run wrong the instrumentality and we’re not going to dismantle our large postulation arsenic it tells a unsocial communicative of our communal humanity. But we are seeking caller positive, semipermanent partnerships with countries and communities astir the world, and that of people includes Greece.”

In the past Mitsotakis’ centre close authorities has projected giving the UK a rotating accumulation of antiquities ne'er earlier shown extracurricular Greece successful instrumentality for the Parthenon sculptures.

“There are a batch of reddish lines; the 1963 deaccession enactment for the British Museum, acknowledgment of British ownership [of the marbles] for us,” said the politician, explaining that Athens would ne'er judge repatriation of the masterpieces arsenic a loan.

“There is inactive a agelong mode to spell but we volition spell connected with our discussions. It’s precise bully that we are present trying to found a overmuch broader practice with the British Museum, 1 that not lone involves classical antiquities but Byzantine treasures that we would beryllium consenting to send.”