Greece to Impose Hefty Recurring Fines on Elderly If They Are Unvaccinated

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Greece said connected Tuesday that citizens aged 60 and implicit who don’t comply with a caller government-imposed COVID-19 vaccination mandate by Jan. 16 volition look a recurring monthly good of 100 euros ($113).

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said that his determination to instrumentality the measure, announced connected Nov. 30, “tormented” him personally, but it was necessary for the “protection of our chap citizens.”

“It is not a punishment,” Mitsotakis said. “I would accidental it is simply a wellness fee,” helium added, explaining that the authorities volition usage the wealth collected from the fines to concern Greek hospitals warring the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic.

“Those implicit 60 who person not been vaccinated volition person to marque an assignment by Jan. 16, different a good of 100 euros volition beryllium imposed,” the premier said, according to “The good volition beryllium issued by the Authority for Public Revenue (AADE) and this wealth volition beryllium collected successful a peculiar money that volition concern our hospitals.”

Epoch Times Photo Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis arrives for an EU acme astatine the European Council gathering successful Brussels, connected June 25, 2021. (Aris Oikonomou, Pool Photo via AP)

SYRIZA, Greece’s main absorption party, criticized Mitsotakis for the caller measure, saying it is punitive and financially excessive, pointing retired that nary different state successful the satellite has enforced specified rules connected its citizens.

“The perpetrator of the wellness disaster, successful a panic [caused by] the full illness of the nationalist wellness strategy and the pitiful European ‘lead’ successful deaths and COVID-19 cases, alternatively of assuming responsibility, erstwhile again shunts it onto the citizens,” it said.

SYRIZA accused Mitsotakis of “targeting those implicit 60,” explaining that alternatively of implementing “measures of punishment and economical annihilation,” the authorities should absorption connected rules that enactment the nationalist wellness system, promote COVID-19 vaccinations, and tighten wellness extortion measures.

Mitsotakis said officials decided to marque the changeable mandatory for the aged owed to wellness ministry information showing determination are 520,000 radical implicit the property of 60 who person failed to get the jab.

“Lives volition beryllium saved by this decision. Vaccination saves lives,” the person stated. About 63 percent of Greece’s 11 cardinal colonisation is afloat vaccinated.

The 100-euro good is simply a hefty chunk of the mean monthly 730-euro (about $830) pension successful Greece.

Earlier this month, Greece blocked unvaccinated people from accessing definite indoor spaces adjacent if they trial antagonistic for COVID-19, including restaurants, cinemas, museums, and gyms. Before the measure, unvaccinated radical were inactive capable to entree astir venues if they tested negative.

At the time, Mitsotakis told the federation successful a televised code to “get vaccinated,” and claimed the CCP microorganism pandemic is 1 “of the unvaccinated.”

The country’s wellness ministry has recorded 931,183 infections and 18,067 deaths since the commencement of the pandemic astir 2 years ago.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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