Greek pilot should face premeditated murder for killing British wife, prosecutor says

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The Greek pilot, who allegedly confessed to strangling his British woman successful May arsenic she slept successful their Athens location beside the couple’s baby, should beryllium tried for premeditated murder, according to charges made nationalist connected Thursday.

The nationalist authoritative besides recommended that Babis Anagnostopoulos beryllium charged with lying to constabulary aft claiming for 37 days that the decease of his wife, Caroline Crouch, was the effect of a botched burglary.

In a 24-page report, excerpts of which were published by the Greek press, Giorgos Noulis said the UK-trained aviator had a “premeditated plan” erstwhile helium killed the 20-year-old.

Anagnostopoulos reportedly told constabulary aft 8 hours of questioning that helium had committed the transgression successful a acceptable of rage, denying it was premeditated. The pilot, imprisoned pending proceedings successful the capital’s high-security Korydallos prison, claimed helium was thrown into a “blurred state” aft his young woman threatened to divorcement him. But Noulis described him arsenic being successful a “calm authorities of mind”.

“He had nary inhibition to spell done with the enactment contempt the information that she was the parent of his child,” helium was quoted arsenic saying successful the report. “The unfortunate was conscionable 20 years aged portion helium was 13 years older and should person been her protector.”

The authoritative besides recommended that helium beryllium tried for the transgression of carnal maltreatment aft allegedly confessing to choking the family’s seven-month-old puppy by hanging it from its ain leash arsenic portion of the effort marque the transgression look similar a burglary.

Crouch’s execution successful May – 1 of 12 femicides to beryllium reported truthful acold this twelvemonth – shocked Greece. Police launched a countrywide hunt for the “ruthless pack of overseas thieves” that the aviator blamed for the tragedy. Anagnostopoulos said helium had been tied up and blindfolded erstwhile his woman was killed.

In a uncommon step, authorities offered a 300,000 euro bounty for accusation that mightiness pb to the murderers.

Anagnostopoulos was brought successful for a last circular of questioning – and arrested – aft constabulary investigation of Crouch’s smartwatch, combined with information downloaded from his ain mobile phone, conflicted with his mentation of events.

Citing a coroner’s inquest, the authoritative described Crouch’s decease arsenic “agonising”, saying the process of asphyxiation lasted 5 minutes and induced a authorities of “physical and psychic stress” successful her during her past moments. The young pistillate had been dormant for 2.5 hours, helium said and was “unsuspecting”.

The girl of a retired lipid and state executive, Crouch was raised connected the tiny land of Alonissos successful the Sporades.

She met Anagnostopoulos successful her mid teens earlier marrying him successful Portugal astatine the property of 18.

Thanassis Haramanis, the family’s lawyer, told the Guardian that helium expected the proceedings to instrumentality spot adjacent twelvemonth successful what would beryllium lightning velocity for a judicial strategy that is notoriously slow. “We judge it volition beryllium listed sometime betwixt May and September,” helium said. “We are optimistic.”

Caroline’s distraught parents, David and Susan applied for custody of their babe granddaughter, Lydia, aft the crime.

In a abstracted improvement connected Thursday, an Athens tribunal awarded custody of the kid to Caroline’s mother, revoking immoderate parental rights the aviator whitethorn person had arsenic her father, and granting constricted visitation rights to his parents.