Greg Abbott Says Texas Has Bused Nearly 16,000 Migrants to Sanctuary Cities This Year

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Gov. Greg Abbott connected Tuesday said the authorities has bused astir 16,000 migrants to sanctuary cities this year.

“Texas has bused implicit 15,900 migrants to sanctuary cities,” Abbott wrote connected Twitter. “ … We’re providing alleviation to section communities overwhelmed by President Biden’s open border policies.”

Since April, the Republican politician has transported astatine slightest 8,900 migrants to Washington, D.C., 4,900 to New York City, 1,500 to Chicago, and 630 to Philadelphia.

Late Saturday, 3 busloads of migrants from Texas arrived successful Washington, D.C., wherever they were dropped disconnected extracurricular the Naval Observatory. Local alleviation agencies were on-hand to assistance the estimated 110 to 130 migrants who arrived adjacent Vice President Kamala Harris’ home.

Blankets were provided for those without coats. The somesthesia was successful the teens erstwhile the migrants arrived. Organizers rapidly moved them onto awaiting buses that took them to a adjacent church, wherever they were provided with meals and clothing.

“This is simply a invited effort that we’ve been doing since the archetypal autobus arrived,” Amy Fischer, an organizer with the Migrant Solidarity Mutual Aid Network, told WJLA News. “D.C. conscionable continues to amusement up arsenic a welcoming metropolis that is ever acceptable and consenting to unfastened their arms to invited people, whether it’s Christmas eve, whether its 9 degrees extracurricular oregon 90 degrees outside.”

Illegal immigrants person   donated clothing Illegal immigrants person donated covering extracurricular a structure astatine the Sacred Heart Church successful El Paso, Texas, connected Dec. 17, 2022. (John Moore/Getty Images)

State of Emergency in El Paso

Earlier this month, Mayor Oscar Leeser (D) of El Paso, Texas, declared a state of emergency, allowing the metropolis much resources and authorization to grip the influx of borderline crossings.

Leeser warned past week that astir 20,000 migrants were waiting to transverse into the United States from Mexico upon the expiration of the Trump-era Title 42 program. The programme allows officials to rapidly expel migrants who transverse the borderline illegally during a pandemic.

U.S. Supreme Court connected Tuesday granted an emergency request from 19 Republican authorities attorneys wide who asked the precocious tribunal to support the regularisation that was struck down past period by Judge Emmet Sullivan successful Washington, D.C.

Sullivan was appointed to service arsenic a national justice by President Bill Clinton successful 1994. Title 42 volition stay successful spot until astatine slightest spring, allowing the precocious tribunal to further reappraisal the decision.

Greg Abbott Texas Gov. Greg Abbott speaks astatine a property league successful Houston connected Sept. 13, 2022. (Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

Last week, Abbott sent a missive to President Joe Biden demanding the deployment of national assets to “address the dire borderline crisis, peculiarly successful the metropolis of El Paso,” according to a news release.

“With acold temperatures gripping Texas, your inaction to unafraid the confederate borderline is putting the lives of migrants astatine risk, peculiarly successful the metropolis of El Paso,” Abbott wrote successful his missive connected Dec. 20. (pdf)

“This unspeakable situation for borderline communities successful Texas is simply a catastrophe of your ain making. These communities and the authorities are ill-equipped to bash the occupation assigned to the national authorities — location the thousands of migrants flooding into the state each day,” Abbott continued.

Abbott said helium would proceed moving with authorities to support the authorities from the influx of amerciable immigrants and cartel enactment on the border.

“Texas National Guard and Texas Dept. of Public Safety troopers usage unmanned craft to hunt for trespassers on the border,” Abbott wrote connected Tuesday connected Twitter. “We enactment transgression trespassers down bars, not drawback & release.”

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