‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Ending? What We Know About The Show’s Future Beyond Season 18

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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is successful the midst of play 18. Is the extremity successful show for the long-running series? HollywoodLife has rounded up each the cardinal things to know, including Ellen Pompeo’s latest statement.

Grey’s Anatomy is 1 of television’s astir fashionable shows and has been since its debut successful 2005. For 18 seasons, fans person watched Dr. Meredith Grey and the different beloved doctors acquisition each the highs and lows wrong and extracurricular the hospital. The amusement precocious returned for play 18, with galore fans wondering if this play could beryllium the last.

Ellen Pompeo has ne'er been shy astir acknowledging that the amusement volition travel to an end, it’s conscionable a substance of when. The show’s 18th play precocious premiered with notable returning characters coming backmost into the fold, and fans are wondering if that’s a motion that the extremity is near. Here’s what we cognize astir a imaginable play 19, what Ellen has said astir the amusement ending, and more.

Ellen PompeoEllen Pompeo arsenic Meredith Grey successful play 18. (ABC)

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 18

Grey’s Anatomy play 18 kicked disconnected connected September 30. After a play that revolved astir COVID-19 and Meredith’s near-fatal bout with the virus, the amusement is present successful a post-pandemic world. Meredith has afloat recovered and is backmost astatine work. Meredith is asked to travel to Minnesota by Dr. David Hamilton, who knew her mother, to sermon a imaginable occupation opportunity. He wants her to tally a caller task that volition hopefully cure Parkinson’s. She takes the job but is pulling treble work successful some Minnesota and Seattle.

While successful Minnesota, Meredith crosses paths with Dr. Nick Marsh, played by caller bid regular Scott Speedman. He was past seen successful play 14 erstwhile helium had a kidney transplant. Sparks instantly started flying betwixt Meredith and Nick aft they had their large reunion.

Scott SpeedmanScott Speedman arsenic Dr. Nick Marsh. (ABC)

Similar to play 17, which featured the returns of several instrumentality faves successful Meredith’s formation dreams, determination person already been a fig of acquainted faces successful play 18. Ellis Grey returned successful the opening moments of the play 18 premiere successful 1 of Meredith’s dreams. There person been a fig of nods to Grey’s Anatomy’s earlier seasons, including Meredith re-wearing the aforesaid garment she wore connected her archetypal time astatine Seattle Grace.

Kate Walsh made her long-awaited return arsenic Dr. Addison Montgomery successful the show’s 3rd occurrence of play 18. Richard brings Addison backmost to Grey Sloan to assistance retired with the residency program. Addison and Meredith yet addressed Derek’s decease together, and Addison adjacent met Meredith and Derek’s kids.

Kate WalshKate Walsh returned successful play 18. (ABC)

Meanwhile, Teddy and Owen officially got married. Amelia and Link are inactive connected the outs aft Amelia turned down Link’s proposal. Jo is juggling being a caller ma to Luna and moving again.

Is ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Ending?

Grey’s Anatomy is presently successful its 18th season. ABC has not officially confirmed if the amusement volition beryllium renewed for play 19. The determination astir play 18 was revealed successful May 2021, truthful it whitethorn beryllium a portion earlier we perceive astir a imaginable 19th season.

When play 18 was officially confirmed, THR reported that Grey’s Anatomy vets Ellen, Chandra Wilson, and James Pickens Jr. each secured caller deals to instrumentality for play 18 aft negotiations. Ellen reportedly received “another wage increase,” keeping her broadcast television’s highest-earning actress.

Grey’s Anatomy continues to beryllium a ratings juggernaut,” Craig Erwich, President, ABC Entertainment and Hulu Originals, said successful May 2021. “The fans loved this season. I thought Grey’s Anatomy did a truly unthinkable occupation this twelvemonth telling the stories of each the frontline heroes who are warring the bully combat (against) Covid. We volition instrumentality Grey’s Anatomy for arsenic agelong arsenic we can.”

When Will ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ End?

Grey’s Anatomy volition extremity erstwhile Ellen decides she wants to accidental goodbye to Meredith Grey. Ellen archetypal started to truly sermon the extremity of the long-running aesculapian play successful 2016. “I deliberation astir it a lot. And I can’t truly speech astir my aboriginal plans, but yes, Shonda [Rhimes] and I speech astir it,” she told Cosmopolitan. “We consciousness similar we’re successful this together, and I deliberation we don’t privation to bash the amusement without each other. I deliberation erstwhile either of america is ready, erstwhile we consciousness similar it’s clip to wrapper it up [we will],” she revealed. “When she feels similar it’s clip to wrapper it up, I’m blessed to, and if I were to consciousness that way, she would astir apt beryllium OK too. We person a bully narration successful that way, and hopefully it’s a determination we’ll travel to together.”

While Shonda volition ever beryllium the creator of Grey’s Anatomy, she near ABC successful 2017 to spell to Netflix. She signed a $150 cardinal woody with the streaming service. In the aftermath of Shonda’s departure, Krista Vernoff returned to Grey’s Anatomy for play 14 arsenic showrunner and writer. She had been the enforcement shaper and caput writer of Grey’s Anatomy until play 7.

Grey's AnatomyThe archetypal fab 5 of ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ (Everett Collection/ABC)

In 2017, Ellen admitted that the amusement volition travel to an extremity erstwhile she’s ready. “The communicative is astir Meredith Grey’s travel and erstwhile I’m done, the amusement volition end,” she told Variety. “I don’t cognize however agelong the amusement volition spell on. I cognize the web and the workplace similar to accidental they spot nary extremity successful sight, but I deliberation the assemblage volition archer america erstwhile the amusement is nary longer a instrumentality favorite. I deliberation it’s rather arrogant to presume the amusement tin spell connected everlastingly — I don’t similar that approach. Right now, we’re precise fortunate to person the fans inactive hanging on, and I deliberation the fans volition fto america cognize erstwhile it’s clip to halt the show.”

She added, “Why locomotion distant from a hit? You don’t locomotion distant from thing for nothing. And with the way grounds retired there, I’m bully to support doing it for now.”

Over the years, Ellen has continued to tease that the amusement whitethorn beryllium coming to an extremity sooner than later. “We’re getting there. Shonda and I volition marque that determination together,” Ellen told Us Weekly successful 2018. Ahead of play 17 successful 2020, Ellen admitted that it could person been the last season. “The information is, this twelvemonth could beryllium it,” she revealed to Variety. “I’m perpetually warring for the amusement arsenic a full to beryllium arsenic bully arsenic it tin be. As a producer, I consciousness similar I person support to beryllium capable to bash that. I mean, this is the past twelvemonth of my declaration close now. I don’t cognize that this is the past year, but it could precise good could be.”

Ellen PompeoEllen Pompeo has played Meredith since the show’s premiere successful 2005. (Everett Collection/ABC)

The latest update from Ellen came successful 2021 astatine the Emmys. She hinted that she whitethorn beryllium nearing the extremity of her run, but the show’s interaction keeps her coming back. “I mean, I’ve been trying to get distant for years,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “I person been trying. It’s not due to the fact that I haven’t been trying. I person beardown relationships astatine the web and they person been very, precise bully to me, and person incentivized maine to stay.” She added, “Miraculously, we support coming up with ways to person a crushed to enactment and if there’s a reason, that warrants it.”

How Will ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ End?

Fans already person countless theories astir however the amusement volition yet travel to a close. From Zola becoming a doc to a imaginable Alzheimer’s diagnosis, determination are a fig of imaginable endings for the show. Ellen knows however the amusement volition yet end, but she’s staying tight-lipped. “I person nary expectations and that’s however I survive,” Ellen told Variety successful 2020. “The last occurrence I did [have an image], but I can’t truly archer you due to the fact that past I’ll person to termination you. Krista [Vernoff] and I talked astir imaginable things.” She added, “I’ve signed connected for 1 much play is each I tin say.”