‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Amelia Confesses She ‘Hated’ The Life She Was Living With Link

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October 21, 2021 10:14PM EDT

Addison stayed astir Grey Sloan to cheque connected her diligent and had a heart-to-heart with Amelia astir her aboriginal with Link connected the October 21 occurrence of ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’

The quality is out! Richard is officially backmost arsenic the residency manager portion Meredith works connected her Parkinson’s project. Richard comes successful blistery with quality that each the residents are going to execute surgery. Bailey jokes to Meredith that Richard’s mislaid his mind!

Addison is back astatine Grey Sloan. Her landmark uterine transplant diligent is circling the drain. While trying to fig retired what’s causing her diligent to person seizures, Addison tries to get immoderate scoop from Amelia. She wants to cognize wherefore Amelia near Link. Amelia says she felt Link was gaslighting her and didn’t similar that helium projected astatine Maggie’s wedding.

James Pickens Jr.James Pickens Jr. successful the October 21 episode. (ABC)

Amelia Reveals Why She Turned Link Down

Addison doesn’t fto Amelia disconnected the hook. She wants to cognize wherefore Amelia didn’t judge his proposal. “I knew for months I didn’t privation what helium wanted,” Amelia says. While taking attraction of Scout and Meredith’s kids during the pandemic, Amelia confesses she thought astir doing drugs each azygous day. While she was hanging by a thread, Link wasn’t astatine all. He loved the domesticity. It was smothering her.

Owen is superior astir helping retired his chap veterans. He shows up astatine a gathering with Noah. The older veteran, Roy, starring the gathering collapses and begins to cough up blood. The vets amusement up to enactment Roy earlier helium goes into surgery. Roy admits to Owen that helium feels blameworthy due to the fact that helium authorized the pain pit connected his base. Roy aboriginal dies due to the fact that his lungs are truthful weak. An aggravated Noah blames Owen for what happened.

Megan comes to Hayes for assistance with her son, Farouk. She thinks thing mightiness beryllium incorrect with him. She asks Hayes to support this connected the down-low with Owen. Turns out, Megan’s lad has a bosom problem. He’s going to request surgery.

Addison needs to get backmost to Jake and her son, but she doesn’t privation to permission her patient. She decides to enactment and spot this through. Her diligent wakes up aft those seizures and cries arsenic she acknowledgment Addison for giving her a 2nd accidental astatine having a baby.

Kate WalshKate Walsh returned arsenic Addison Montgomery. (ABC)

Meredith Returns To Minnesota

On her mode out, Addison tells Amelia that determination was a constituent during the pandemic that she thought astir leaving Jake and Henry. These thoughts creep in, nary substance what you effort to do. Life is tough. She conscionable wants to marque definite Amelia isn’t making a mistake. “I hated the beingness that helium loved,” Amelia admits. She knows that the champion happening was to fto Link go.

Meredith heads to Minnesota for her play trip. On her mode into the hospital, she crosses paths with Nick, who has conscionable travel retired of surgery. They hold to conscionable for meal later. As she walks away, Nick turns astir to get 1 past look astatine Meredith.