‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Bailey Makes A Life-Altering Decision While Mourning A Devastating Loss

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The ‘Station 19’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ unit mislaid 1 of their ain during the November 11 crossover episode. Meanwhile, Amelia and Link some made bold confessions.

The November 11 occurrence doesn’t commencement successful the contiguous aftermath of the Station 19 explosion, it begins successful Minnesota. Meredith is getting flirty texts from Nick earlier she heads into the clinic. Meanwhile, Amelia is already astatine the clinic, but Kai got determination adjacent earlier. While doing a trial, Tom shows up to assistance the group.

Megan sends Farouk into bosom surgery, and she’s trying not to freak out. Hayes is determination to calm her worries. While Owen and Teddy are moving connected a veteran, the country begins to shake. Owen thinks it’s a bomb, but it’s really the pipeline detonation from Station 19. Bailey can’t get successful interaction with Ben, and she starts to worry.

Grey's AnatomyKai and Amelia connected ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ (ABC)

There are nary patients flooding the OR successful the aftermath of the explosion. Owen is patiently waiting for the country to fill. Teddy can’t look to find Megan. Owen is preoccupied with the “bomb,” but Teddy reminds him that this was an detonation and not a bomb.

In the mediate of Farouk’s surgery, Megan comes rushing successful due to the fact that of the explosion. She sits down to clasp Farouk’s manus during the surgery. Winston doesn’t deliberation it’s a bully thought for her to beryllium there. Hayes tries to speech her down, but she’s forceful, truthful she stays.

Miller Is Dead

The archetypal ambulance to get from the detonation contains Vic. She seems to beryllium OK and doesn’t cognize what happened to Miller. When the 2nd ambulance arrives, there’s nary siren. “There’s a dormant idiosyncratic successful there,” Bailey says.

The doorway opens and Jack walks retired and past Ben. Miller is dead. They tried to prevention him, but it was excessively late. Ben soon remembers the committedness helium made to Miller astir taking attraction of babe Pru if thing ever happened to him.

Travis and Andy amusement up and larn the devastating quality of Miller’s death. Travis doesn’t privation to support the quality from Vic. He sits down and tells her astir Miller arsenic Ben and Bailey watch. Ben tells Bailey that helium told Miller that helium would instrumentality attraction of Pru.

Chandra WilsonChandra Wilson arsenic Dr. Miranda Bailey. (ABC)

Before Bailey tin react, Vic starts to code. There’s a scary fewer seconds for Vic, but she makes it. “Is it real?” Vic cries to Travis. Travis can’t lie. Miller is gone forever.

Back successful Minnesota, Hamilton doesn’t privation Tom to enactment connected the Parkinson’s task due to the fact that Tom slept with his daughter. Meredith tells Hamilton to not clasp a grudge, but Hamilton is insistent. Meredith decides to spell to Nick astir what’s going connected with Hamilton. Doctors marque the worst patients, Nick says. Nick advises Meredith to retrieve that she’s successful complaint of this project. Meanwhile, the flirt is ON betwixt Kai and Amelia.

Bailey and Ben prime up their speech astir babe Pru. “You cognize however severely I’ve ever wanted a small girl,” Bailey admits. She’s conscionable disquieted that she’ll autumn successful emotion with Pru, and past her grandparents volition travel to instrumentality her away. Bailey can’t woody with that.

Travis breaks down to Schmidt astir what happened with Miller. Travis, Andy, and Theo rally astir Vic arsenic they mourn the nonaccomplishment of Miller.

Bailey & Ben Take In Pru

Bailey is inactive trying to fig retired what to bash astir Pru. Jo helps person Bailey to instrumentality Pru in. Pru deserves a loving location that Bailey and Ben tin provide. Andy soon brings Pru down to the lobby. Bailey opens her arms and Pru walks close to her. Bailey tells Pru that everything’s going to beryllium OK.

Megan breaks down aft Farouk’s surgery, and Hayes is erstwhile again determination to comfortableness her. Hayes does extremity up telling Owen and Teddy astir what’s happening with Megan and Farouk. They unreserved to her side.

After their displacement is over, Jo is extracurricular waiting for Link. “What happens if I die?” Jo asks Link. She wants to cognize what volition hap to Luna. Link doesn’t hesitate to archer Jo that he’ll instrumentality Luna in. “I’ve got her,” helium promises.

Scott SpeedmanScott Speedman arsenic Nick Marsh. (ABC)

Kai and Amelia are the past ones astatine the lab. Kai brings up what Tom said astir Amelia’s “happy small family.” Amelia reveals to Kai that she has a beautiful lad with Link, but she’s single. Amelia asks whether oregon not Kai is single. Kai says they’re married… to the lab.

Meredith and Nick conscionable up aft work, and they’re done keeping their feelings astatine bay. They stock a passionate buss earlier heading to dinner.