Guardian angel: is there a special someone you think deserves a treat?

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Have you ever wanted to accidental convey you to idiosyncratic but not known how? Or is determination a peculiar idiosyncratic you cognize who’s done a batch for their assemblage and deserves a treat? In our caller series, our Guardian angel helps marque bully things hap for bully people.

We are asking for you to nominate a peculiar idiosyncratic – whether it’s an Elvis impersonator who made his neighbours grin during lockdown, a headteacher who spends her spare clip litter picking, oregon a unpaid who distributes meals to stateless people each week. With your nominee’s permission, archer america astir them, what they bash and wherefore you deliberation they should person get a treat.

How to get successful touch

If you would similar to nominate someone, oregon find retired much astir the project, delight capable successful the signifier below. Your responses are unafraid arsenic the signifier is encrypted and lone the Guardian has entree to your contributions.

One of our journalists volition beryllium successful interaction if we program to travel up with you, truthful delight bash permission interaction details.

If you’re having occupation utilizing the form, click here. Read presumption of work here and privateness argumentation here.