Gwyn Love Reveals How New Album ‘dimr’ Is About ‘The Trials That Come With Learning To Love’

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Exclusive Interview

November 5, 2021 10:00AM EDT

In an EXCLUSIVE track-by-track reappraisal of her caller album, electro-pop creator Gwyn Love shares however ‘dimr’ is influenced by ‘fleeting feelings’ and the travel that comes erstwhile you springiness idiosyncratic your heart.

There is simply a batch of emotion packed wrong Gwyn Love‘s new album. The Oklahoma native, who made her debut past twelvemonth with “never person to spot you again,” continues her skyward trajectory with dimr. It’s a task that sees her elevate her electro-pop sound. From the enchanting archetypal notes of the album’s opener – the rubric track, “dance successful my room” – to the sun-kissed ode to “cali,” each the mode to the closing notes of “either way,” dimr demonstrates wherefore Gwyn is 1 to ticker for fans of heartfelt chamber pop.

“This medium represents fleeting feelings and moments successful clip that were important capable astatine the clip to constitute astir and retrieve forever,” Gwyn Love tells HollywoodLife. “There are songs astir my archetypal existent emotion and each the trials that travel on with learning to love, a batch of feelings that I simply couldn’t clasp wrong immoderate longer. Louise Burns and I co-wrote fractional of this medium together, and the different fractional was co-written with La+ch, which means they were each written and recorded successful Canada, which is beauteous cool. Super pumped for you guys to perceive and hopefully subordinate to these songs.”

A batch of crushed – some metaphorical and literal – gets covered successful dimr. In an EXCLUSIVE track-by-track reappraisal of her album, Gwyn shares wherefore “outta my head” is adjacent to her heart, wherefore “cali” ever brings a grin to her face, and which 1 of dimr’s songs is her “masterpiece.”

“dance successful my room”

This is the archetypal way connected the medium and 1 of my implicit favorites. This opus is astir maine looking for a deeper transportation with idiosyncratic and rejecting hookup culture. I wanted to really physique memories and person amusive with idiosyncratic alternatively than doing the aforesaid happening implicit and implicit again, it was terribly boring to me.

“pretty shitty”

This opus is fundamentally conscionable calling retired the haters due to the fact that they person thing amended to bash than discarded each their enactment connected maine and what I’m doing. I notation a batch of antagonistic things that radical person said astir maine and to maine successful this song. I felt truthful almighty signaling it.

“outta my head”

“This strays distant from my accustomed sound. This opus is precise adjacent to my bosom due to the fact that it talks astir my anxiousness and depression. Although I don’t consciousness this mode each the time, determination are times erstwhile I’m astir a batch of radical and everyone seems to beryllium doing thing oregon talking to idiosyncratic and I’m conscionable stuck successful my caput overthinking everything. I needed to get this 1 disconnected my thorax and I consciousness similar others tin subordinate to this clip play successful my beingness arsenic well.


I wrote Cali aft telling my friends I wanted to determination to Cali and they each sorta laughed and told maine I would beryllium broke and would find myself backmost successful Oklahoma. I wanted to interruption into opus close past to explicate each my reasons that I consciousness similar it’s my home. It’s comic really, I wrote this opus without having been to Cali, but aft going, I consciousness similar I described it rather perfectly and had a precise realistic thought of what it was going to beryllium similar earlier I adjacent went. La+ch captured the Cali summertime vibes I was going for with production. Sure to marque you grin due to the fact that it makes maine grin each clip I perceive it.


This opus talks astir the moments successful a narration wherever things commencement to consciousness stale and lifeless and the magic that was erstwhile determination has been lost. I was warring to get the feeling backmost and it didn’t look similar my spouse was trying astatine all. I wanted to marque memories unneurotic and support doing things that we loved together, but helium conscionable wanted to ticker tv and not speech to maine truthful I went and wrote this song.

“glow’d up”

I was successful the signaling workplace successful Vancouver erstwhile this opus came to me. My ex had deed maine up portion I was successful the workplace signaling with Louise Burns. Louise loves to bash this happening wherever she sings random phrases portion she’s talking, and I had caught onto that aft spending a week with her. I playfully sang, “all my ex’s support hitting maine up, yea they’re hitting maine up.” She was like, “Is that a opus oregon did you conscionable marque it up?” I told her I had conscionable made it up and she told maine it should beryllium a song. I went to Toronto the adjacent week and finished this ace cheeky opus that had maine dying laughing arsenic I was penning it. While signaling with La+ch, helium said helium thought the opus was going to bash ace good due to the fact that of however casual it was to produce/write. It each conscionable acceptable truthful well. Super stoked for this one.

“either way”

This opus feels similar a masterpiece to me. the harmonies, the lyrics, everything. This wasn’t intended for radio, but it’s the cleanable finale for my album. This opus talks astir however I knew it was precise improbable maine and my spouse would enactment retired successful the end, but I wanted it truthful badly. I laid it each retired connected the array successful this song. We kept trying implicit and over, but thing was changing. I wrote this opus benignant of to person myself that one would beryllium good whether it worked retired oregon it didn’t due to the fact that thing lasts forever, but I truly wanted it to and you tin perceive that successful this song. I wanted to person myself I would beryllium good either mode but I knew I wouldn’t beryllium good astatine each erstwhile it ended.

dimr is retired now.