Haiti Gang Leader Threatens Killing 17 US and Canadian Captives

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A antheral who identified himself arsenic the person of a notorious Haitian gang threatened constabulary connected Thursday that helium volition termination 17 abducted missionaries—mostly Americans—if helium doesn’t person a $1 cardinal ransom per hostage.

“I curse by thunder that if I don’t get what I’m asking for, I volition enactment a slug successful the heads of these Americans,” said Wilson Joseph, the suspected person of the pack dubbed “400 Mawozo,” according to a video that was shared connected societal media.

Haitian Justice Minister Liszt Quitel said earlier this week that the pack demanded a full of $17 million successful bid to acceptable escaped the 17 captives—seven women, 5 men, 5 children, each U.S. citizens but 1 Canadian.

The radical of missionaries were connected their mode location from gathering an orphanage erstwhile the pack abducted them, Ohio-based Christian Aid Ministries said successful a message. The ages of the kidnapped children reportedly scope betwixt conscionable 8 months and 15 years. The missionaries are affiliated with the Christian Aid Ministries.

Joseph also threatened Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry and Leon Charles, the country’s nationalist constabulary chief, for sidesplitting respective pack members. The person spoke successful beforehand of what appeared to beryllium unfastened coffins with members of his pack who were precocious killed laying inside.

“Leon Charles made maine cry, gentlemen. When it was my turn, I cried my eyes out, and erstwhile I marque you cry, I volition marque you outcry tears of blood,” the pack person said.

Líder de los 400 Mawozo, Wilson Joseph, amenaza con matar a misioneros secuestrados en #Haiti si nary recibe 17 millones de dólares “Juro por trueno que si nary consigo lo que estoy pidiendo, pondré una bala en su cabeza”, advierte https://t.co/5tFIxFw2YR

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NTD News was incapable to independently corroborate the veracity of this video oregon erstwhile it was made, though a elder U.S. State Department authoritative told reporters that the video was legitimate, quality bureau Reuters reported.

“If you are a kidnapper, your occupation is to accidental those kinds of things,” the authoritative said. “We request to enactment with our Haitian instrumentality enforcement partners and the families and the institutions to effort and determination this process guardant to a harmless resolution.”

White House property caput Jen Psaki said during a property briefing connected Monday that the U.S. authorities is helping with the rescue efforts.

“The FBI is portion of a coordinated U.S. authorities effort to get the U.S. citizens progressive to safety,” Psaki said. “Due to operational considerations, we’re not going to spell into excessively overmuch item connected that, but tin corroborate their engagement.”

Psaki noted that President Joe Biden besides had been briefed connected the abduction and is receiving regular updates connected the probe conducted by FBI and U.S. State Department officials to bring the missionaries backmost location safely.

The caller abduction, connected apical of soaring transgression rates, inflation, and different issues successful Haiti, person sparked wide choler from the public, prompting violent, sometimes deadly, protests.

Epoch Times Photo People protestation carrying a banner with a connection that reads successful Creole: “No to kidnappings, nary to unit against women ! Long unrecorded Christian Aid Ministries,” demanding the merchandise of kidnapped missionaries, successful Titanyen, northbound of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, connected Oct. 19, 2021. (Joseph Odelyn/AP Photo)

400 Mawozo

The 400 Mawozo pack began arsenic a radical of small-time section thieves and roseate to go 1 of Haiti’s astir feared gangs, controlling a swathe of countryside eastbound of the superior Port-au-Prince, according to information experts.

Haitian gangs person steadily expanded their territory successful caller years, and person grown much brazen since the July assassination of President Jovenel Moise.

Their leaders—mostly notably Jimmy Cherizier, person of a pack conjugation called G9—have taken connected progressively nationalist roles, offering extended interviews broadcast online and astatine times publically threatening politicians.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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