‘Halloween Kills’: Tristian Eggerling Talks Playing Young Lonnie Elam & Continuing ‘His Legacy’

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Exclusive Interview

October 28, 2021 8:58PM EDT

Tristian Eggerling made his big-screen debut successful ‘Halloween Kills’, erstwhile helium portrayed a younger Lonnie Elam. And now, he’s dishing connected his breathtaking role.

Lonnie Elam’s backstory unfolded during John Carpenter‘s 1978 classical Halloween, and successful the franchise’s latest sequel, Halloween Kills, viewers got to spot much from that terrifying nighttime successful Haddonfield, including Lonnie’s adjacent telephone with Michael Myers.

Tristian Eggerling, who made his big-screen debut successful the movie by taking connected the relation of a younger Lonnie Elam, precocious spoke to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY portion walking the carpet astatine the 46th yearly Saturn Awards connected Oct. 26, and helium said helium was shocked upon uncovering retired helium had landed the role.

“It was astonishing [to find retired I landed the role],” Tristian said. “It was like, ‘Oh my God, really?’ I mean, it had been nether wraps due to the fact that erstwhile we were auditioning, it was Rob Rules and they substituted a batch of the lines, but astatine that constituent we had known we were pinned for it and they were like, ‘Oh yeah, this is Halloween Kills,’ and we were sweating. We were like, ‘Oh my God,’ and they told maine I got the part. It was perfectly insane. We were like, ‘Ok, we’re going to spell to North Carolina, it’s going to beryllium ace nerve-racking but we’re going to person tons of fun’, and that’s precisely what we did.”

To hole for the role, Tristian said helium “watched a fewer clips of young Lonnie” from the archetypal Halloween. “I deconstructed what helium did and past benignant of built up a property and made my ain instrumentality connected it, truthful I could proceed his legacy,” helium added.

Tristian Eggerling arsenic Lonnie Elam successful ‘Halloween Kills’. (Universal Pictures)

Tristian didn’t spoil overmuch astir the movie portion talking to america arsenic the Saturn Awards, adjacent though the movie’s been retired since Oct. 15, but helium did archer us, “It’s precise gory. I’s called Halloween Kills for a reason.” He besides said, “I truly similar however they changeable [the movie] due to the fact that they benignant of lull you into a mendacious consciousness of information particularly with the archetypal fewer scenes and past they person leap scares successful the opening without Michael Myers. So they get you utilized to being successful a tense environment. And past erstwhile you’re acceptable to look it, helium pops retired and helium kills somebody.”

Want to spot what he’s talking about? Halloween Kills is present successful theaters and disposable for viewing connected Peacock — truthful spell cheque it out!