Halsey’s NBA announcing aspirations get an ESPN endorsement

3 weeks ago 24

Last year, popular singer-songwriter Halsey created a Twitter relationship for the sole intent of weighing successful connected the NBA, often covering her fanhood of the Los Angeles Lakers.

The signaling creator tweeted connected Sunday, presumably successful jest, that she was considering quitting euphony to prosecute her existent calling: announcing NBA games astatine ESPN.

The web seems into it:

One would conjecture that ESPN would see bringing Halsey successful for an in-game personage conception astatine immoderate point. The web could besides dabble successful featuring her commentary arsenic portion of a side-cast astatine immoderate point, perchance for a Lakers playoff crippled oregon thing of the sort.

The @halseyandone relationship took a hiatus betwixt June and October, but the vocalist announced she was backmost with a literal positive 1 — baby Ender Riley, whom she and boyfriend, the screenwriter Alev Aydin, had successful July.

Halsey had the revelation astir her NBA announcer aspirations aft she skipped retired connected Halloween revelry to beryllium courtside astatine Staples Center for the Lakers’ triumph implicit the Houston Rockets connected Sunday:

Halsey, 27, won the “Favorite Pop/Rock Song” class astatine the American Music Awards successful 2019 for her opus “Without Me”. Her Collaboration with The Chainsmokers connected their opus “Closer” won 3 Billboard Music Awards and was nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance astatine the 2017 Grammy’s.