Hand-painted ‘Alice in Wonderland’ bar pop-up opens in NYC

3 months ago 27
A existent  "Wonderland" of an grounds   opened connected  Fifth Avenue successful  Midtown connected  Friday and is slated to tally  done  April 2023. A existent "Wonderland" of an grounds opened connected Fifth Avenue successful Midtown connected Friday and is slated to tally done April 2023. Elizabeth Acevedo @elizabesque

This grounds gets curioser and curioser. 

A caller “art acquisition and bar” successful New York promises to nonstop guests down the rabbit spread astatine its 26,000-square-foot display. 

From Catching Flights, the accumulation institution down the 2018 pop-up Rosé Mansion, and creator Alexa Meade comes “Wonderland Dreams,” a photogenic “journey” done a sprawling Midtown abstraction decorated level to ceiling with loosely “Alice successful Wonderland”-themed landscapes. There are 30 rooms successful all, galore featuring interactive props including a roseate crown, a knight’s helmet and a tiny teacup. 

In a clip shared with property from a VIP preview up of the Friday opening, designer Bjarke Ingels is seen successful 1 of the rooms attempting to physique a operation from oversized playing cards, reaching 3 floors precocious earlier it comes crashing down. The nationalist is present invited to physique adjacent higher than him. 

wonderland dreams alexa meade“Wonderland Dreams” took much than 1,365 gallons of overgarment to create.@mikemonaghan
wonderland dreams alexa meadeThe amusement is dispersed implicit 26,000 quadrate feet.@alexameadeart
wonderland dreams alexa meadeTickets are $36 connected weekdays and $46 connected weekends.Elizabeth Acevedo @elizabesque
wonderland dreams alexa meadeMany rooms diagnostic interactive elements. @mike_monaghan
wonderland dreams alexa meadeA first-floor barroom and café is unfastened to the wide public. Phoebe Lucienne
wonderland dreams alexa meadeThere are 30 fun-filled rooms successful all.@mike_monaghan

As for however this grounds stands retired among each the different photogenic lawsuit spaces presently vying for New Yorkers’ clip and attention, Meade told The Post that “Wonderland Dreams” is “an existent creation exhibit, hand-painted with implicit 1,365 gallons of paint,” and not — arsenic galore different likewise marketed exhibits are — mostly projected visuals.

“When you measurement wrong you are virtually entering a coating and becoming a portion of the creation itself. It was truly important to maine to make an acquisition that allows guests to play, touch, ascent connected and adjacent deterioration parts of the exhibit,” she continued. “Being capable to capable specified an tremendous gathering connected Fifth Avenue with my creation has been a existent dream, particularly due to the fact that it’s inactive uncommon for a pistillate creator to instrumentality up that overmuch space.” 

There is besides a acquisition store featuring “parts of the immersive acquisition that you tin instrumentality location with you,” arsenic good arsenic “one-of-a-kind works” by Meade. 

Exhibit tickets are not indispensable to sojourn the first-floor café and bar, which is unfastened to the nationalist and offers a paper of assorted wines, beers and non-alcoholic cocktails with a absorption connected women-owned producers. There are besides themed tiny plates and snacks. 

Wonderland Dreams volition beryllium unfastened astatine 529 5th Ave. done April 2023. Timed introduction tickets for the all-ages amusement are disposable 7 days a week and outgo $36 Monday done Friday and $46 Friday done Sunday. Children nether 3 years aged are free.