Hannah Brown Admits ‘Special Forces’ Recruits Are ‘Completely Stripped Down’: There’s No ‘Ego’ (Exclusive)

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Hannah Brown

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00 PM ET/PT) connected  FOX. CR: Pete Dadds / FOX

00 PM ET/PT) connected  FOX. CR: Pete Dadds / FOX

Image Credit: Pete Dadds

The Bachelorette alum Hannah Brown, 28, returns to world tv connected January 4 successful the FOX bid Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test, wherever 16 celebrities volition endure grueling challenges inspired by the existent Special Forces enactment process. Hannah spoke to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY astatine the Dec. 13 reddish carpet premiere and explained however fans volition spot a full caller broadside to each the personage recruits, including Kenya Moore, Jamie Lynn Spears, and Kate Gosselin.

Hannah BrownHannah Brown stars successful ‘Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test’ (Photo: Pete Dadds)

“It was specified a transformative show, each idiosyncratic that was isolated of it learned thing astir themselves successful these utmost moments that you can’t truly acquisition successful immoderate different way,” Hannah told us. “That was what was truthful antithetic astir this amusement and thing I deliberation radical are truly going to emotion to watch.”

“[You see] wholly stripped down versions of each these radical that you’ve seen connected TV oregon looked up to, stripped [of their] ego,” the Dancing with the Stars winner added. “We spot everyone conscionable arsenic themselves and not this quality that they’ve played oregon conscionable your favourite athlete. That’s erstwhile you truly find retired who you genuinely are.”

Hannah explained that portion she’s ever been her authentic aforesaid connected past TV shows, similar Peter Weber‘s play of The Bachelor, this rigorous caller series shows the Alabama autochthonal successful a “different light” than before.

“This truly shows maine for who I am, [because] erstwhile each the comforts of beingness are gone, you spot who you truly are,” she said. “I was funny to spot who that was, due to the fact that I don’t deliberation you cognize that unless you are fixed the accidental to instrumentality the [tough] route. You person to conscionable bash it the hard way, bash it the champion way, bash it the mode that’s going to marque you better.”

Hannah’s evidently not a nonrecreational jock similar her fellow Special Forces recruits Mike Piazza, Nastia Liukin, and Carli Lloyd, but she inactive learned truthful overmuch from doing thing mode retired of her comfortableness zone. “It is truly astir facing your biggest fears and truly getting susceptible astir what makes you instrumentality a measurement backmost and not afloat spell into everything that you’re meant to be,” she told HL.

Special Forces castSpecial Forces formed (Photo: Pete Dadds)

“I deliberation we each person insecurities that marque america measurement backmost and think, ‘Oh, I don’t cognize if I tin bash this.’ None of america thought we could bash immoderate of these tasks, but doing it anyway, that was truly appealing for maine to truly propulsion myself successful a mode that would connected the different end,” Hannah explained. “And make maine recognize I’m truthful overmuch stronger than I springiness myself recognition for, successful each ways. I deliberation that’s what we each learned.”

Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test premieres Jan. 4 astatine 8pm ET connected Fox.

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