Hans Niemann ‘likely cheated’ over 100 times in online chess matches: report

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Hans Niemann talks to Alejandro Ramirez aft  a gully  with Dominguez during the 5th  circular  of the 2022 Sinquefield Cup. A caller probe completed by Chess.com alleges that grandmaster Hans Niemann, 19, is cheated much than 100 times during online chess matches. Saint Louis Chess Club/YouTube

American chess grandmaster Hans Niemann antecedently admitted to cheating doubly successful the past, but a caller probe reveals that helium did it mode much than that.

Conducted by Chess.com and reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, a 72-page study alleges that the 19-year-old champion apt received amerciable assistance successful much than 100 online games, arsenic precocious arsenic 2020. Those matches included contests successful which prize wealth was awarded.

This goes against Niemann’s erstwhile statements, that helium cheated successful his younker erstwhile helium was conscionable 12 and past again astatine 16 years old. However, the study claims that Niemann privately confessed to the allegations and was banned from the tract for a play of time.

The probe was not capable to reason if Niemann cheated successful immoderate in-person matches.

Chess.com uses a assortment of cheat-detection tools which see analytics that comparison moves to those recommended by chess engines which tin bushed adjacent the top quality chess players.

While Chess.com was not capable to look into immoderate of Niemann’s over-the-table oregon in-person matches, it did picture irregularities successful his emergence though the elite ranks of competitory chess.

Hans Niemann cheatingNiemann has antecedently admitted to cheating — but lone doubly and erstwhile helium was younger. Grand Chess Tour

The International Chess Federation, the chess’s satellite governing body, is meantime conducting its ain probe into his lucifer against Magnus Carlsen successful which Carlsen resigned aft conscionable 1 move, aboriginal reasoning that he suspected his hostile was cheating.

Still, the study highlighted “many singular signals and antithetic patterns successful Hans’ way arsenic a player” which “merit further probe based connected the data.”

“Outside his online play, Hans is the fastest rising apical subordinate successful Classical [over-the-board] chess successful modern history,” the study states, according to WSJ. “Looking purely astatine rating, Hans should beryllium classified arsenic a subordinate of this radical of apical young players. While we don’t uncertainty that Hans is simply a talented player, we enactment that his results are statistically extraordinary.”

A abstracted  probe  is going connected  to find  of Niemann cheated successful  immoderate  over-the-board and in-person matches.A abstracted probe is going connected to find of Niemann cheated successful immoderate over-the-board and in-person matches.Grand Chess Tour

One of Niemann’s coaches, grandmaster Maxim Dlugy, besides admitted to cheating successful 2 of his ain online tournaments, according to emails released past week. In the archetypal incident, the 56-year-old claimed helium didn’t cognize helium was cheating during the lucifer but aboriginal recovered retired that 1 of his students was watching and utilizing chess AI to provender him moves. 

Niemann has not addressed Carlsen’s cheating allegations nor Chess.com’s probe astatine the clip of publication.