Happiest Place on Earth? Disneyland Ticket Prices Rise Again

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ANAHEIM, Calif.—Most Disneyland Resort summons prices climbed higher Oct. 25 but taxable parkland officials touted 1 terms constituent that volition stay the same, portion besides announcing a sixth higher-cost option.

For a single-day sojourn to either Disneyland oregon California Adventure, a Tier 2 summons present costs $119, Tier 3 $134, Tier 4 $149, and Tier 5 $159, reflecting increases of 3 to 8 percent.

The parkland has present added a Tier 6 ticket, priced astatine $164 for the highest-demand days. The erstwhile highest-priced summons for the highest days was $154.

The alleged Tier 1 price, offered connected accepted low-demand mid-week days, volition stay astatine $104, which has not changed since 2019.

The parkland has been operating with a five-tier strategy of terms options, with costs escalating based connected demand.

The strategy was designed to assistance the Anaheim taxable parkland juggle ample crowds and—since reopening successful April pursuing a year-long unopen down owed to the pandemic—high request for reservations.

The terms of the Park Hopper tickets, which let guests to sojourn some parks connected the aforesaid day, has accrued arsenic well.

The parking interest besides went up, from $25 to $30.

Some Disneyland bloggers person complained astir the terms hikes, noting that a fig of attractions person been closed owed to the pandemic.

Disneyland officials said the caller “Magic Key” annual-pass programme unveiled successful August provides much choices and flexibility.

The “Dream Key,” the taxable park’s astir costly admittance astatine $1,399 that offers reservations to 1 oregon some taxable parks each time of the year, has sold out. The “Believe, Enchant and Imagine” keys stay available.

Disneyland officials said the parkland is continuing to reopen much attractions that person been closed owed to the pandemic, specified arsenic the Trams, which volition instrumentality adjacent year. The Disneyland Monorail went backmost into cognition astir a week earlier the summons terms increase.

With the vacation play opening Nov. 12, the parkland volition diagnostic “A Christmas Fantasy Parade,” “Believe … successful Holiday Magic” fireworks, Haunted Mansion Holiday, and different holiday-themed attractions.

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