Harry Hamlin Admits He Felt ‘Nothing But Pressure’ Playing ‘Iconic’ Tom Brokaw In ‘Hot Zone: Anthrax’

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Exclusive Interview

November 28, 2021 9:30AM EST

Harry Hamlin stars arsenic legendary newsman Tom Brokaw successful ‘The Hot Zone: Anthrax.’ Harry spoke EXCLUSIVELY to HL astir his translation and admitted this relation was a ‘challenge.’

Playing a real-life idiosyncratic connected surface tin beryllium intimidating, particularly idiosyncratic arsenic beloved and respected arsenic Tom Brokaw. Harry Hamlin plays the iconic TV writer successful the timely constricted bid The Hot Zone: Anthrax, which premieres November 28 connected National Geographic. In this EXCLUSIVE interrogation with HollywoodLife, Harry discussed that playing Brokaw felt “impossible,” and that’s however helium knew helium had to instrumentality connected this role.

“I felt thing but pressure. You kidding me? I said to my cause that it felt similar walking a tightrope with nary nett beneath me. It’s intolerable to bash this, intolerable to approximate different idiosyncratic arsenic iconic arsenic Tom Brokaw. I took it due to the fact that it’s impossible. I conjecture I’m brainsick erstwhile it comes to that benignant of thing. But erstwhile idiosyncratic says to maine oregon I accidental to myself that there’s nary mode I tin bash this, that’s usually what I ended up doing it,” Harry told HollywoodLife.

Harry HamlinHarry Hamlin astatine ‘The Hot Zone: Anthraw’ premiere. (Lev Radin/Pacific Press/Shutterstock)

Tom had a heavy and memorable dependable that radical listened to for decades. Harry explained his Brokaw translation process, including however helium approached the newsman’s voice.

“His dependable is overmuch deeper than mine, truthful I did person to enactment connected that,” the histrion admitted. “I don’t usage a dependable manager due to the fact that I’m afloat trained. There’s a tremendous magnitude of probe worldly retired there. He’s written books. He’s done the audio mentation of each the books, truthful I was capable to perceive to each those books and get a consciousness of conscionable however helium spoke. Also, listening to the books that were benignant of much memoirs, I could fig retired who helium was arsenic a person. I deliberation that helped to validate however I was approaching his cadence. It was a challenge, I person to say. I don’t deliberation I ever got to the extent of his voice, but I didn’t privation to marque it into a implicit parody. I conscionable wanted to spot if I could find the essence of Tom Brokaw.”

He added, “After I listened to him for hours and hours and hours and hours, arsenic a method actor, I attack things precise methodically. I deliberation that conscionable implicit clip I was capable to benignant of infuse myself with the benignant of Brokaw-isms that were the astir iconic.”

The bid takes spot successful the aftermath of the September 11 violent attacks. Letters containing anthrax were sent to unsuspecting victims successful the United States, and 5 radical ended up dead. Brokaw was sent an anthrax-laced missive portion he was astatine NBC that his adjunct opened. She was infected but survived. The anthrax attacks caused wide panic passim the United States, which was already connected borderline pursuing 9/11.

“I was there, and I retrieve it precise well,” Harry said of the anthrax attacks of 2001. “I retrieve that we were benignant of instructed to spell retired and bargain duct portion to duct portion the windows successful lawsuit a harvest duster came implicit the metropolis with anthrax. I adjacent canceled a travel to New York due to the fact that this was happening astatine the time. I was told it was conscionable excessively unsafe to spell to New York. But that’s each we knew was what we knew from the quality broadcasts, from what we saw Tom Brokaw telling america connected the quality oregon Dan Rather. We didn’t spot what was going connected down the scenes with the FBI. We didn’t spot however the aesculapian assemblage was dealing with it down the scenes. There’s a full batch to beryllium learned from watching this show. It’s a thriller astatine the aforesaid clip it’s being a humanities lawsuit show, but it’s besides whodunit. And from that perspective, I deliberation it’s going to beryllium precise engaging for the audience.”

Tom BrokawTom Brokaw successful 2001. (Ron Sachs/Shutterstock)

Harry didn’t get the accidental to conscionable Brokaw done this project, but they had a near-encounter anterior to the pandemic. “I person ne'er met Mr. Brokaw adjacent though we were connected the aforesaid web for galore years,” Harry told HollywoodLife. “I came adjacent to gathering him conscionable earlier the pandemic. I was doing an interrogation for Sirius Radio, and helium was sitting close adjacent to maine successful the waiting room. But idiosyncratic other was bending his ear, and I didn’t privation to interrupt and past they whisked him away. So I didn’t get a accidental to accidental hello.”

After watching the constricted series, Harry hopes that “America wakes up due to the fact that we are vulnerable.” He believes that the U.S. volition look a dilemma of akin magnitude successful the future. “I deliberation it’s going to beryllium digital,” helium said. “We should beryllium alert that successful the integer satellite we are highly vulnerable. I’m not definite Americans cognize conscionable however susceptible we are. I’m not definite that our authorities has kept up to velocity with what is being devised and developed successful different industrialized countries similar China and Russia and Iran. I deliberation we are highly susceptible to this worldly that’s astir to happen, peculiarly with artificial intelligence.” The Hot Zone: Anthrax’s three-night lawsuit volition footwear disconnected November 28 connected National Geographic.