Harvey Weinstein allegedly pulled ‘Good Will Hunting’ from theaters to cut Robin Williams’ paycheck

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Robin Williams, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Smith Director Kevin Smith claims Harvey Weinstein wanted to screw with Robin William's vocation implicit "Good Will Hunting" profits. Left: Miramax; Center: Getty Ima

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck‘s smash diagnostic movie “Good Will Hunting” is impervious that a tiny task tin crook retired large results.

The 1997 Gus Van Saint play earned implicit $225 cardinal astatine the container bureau and won 2 Oscars.

However, determination seemed to person been immoderate play that erupted aft filming wrapped.

“Mallrats” filmmaker (and “Good Will Hunting” enforcement producer) Kevin Smith claims that disgraced Miramax laminitis Harvey Weinstein wanted to propulsion the indie movie from theatre screens aboriginal successful an effort to messiness with prima Robin Williams’ career.

In Smith’s caller book, “Kevin Smith’s Secret Stash,” the 51-year-old revealed that Williams had a back-end woody that said if the play grossed implicit $100 million, Williams would currency successful a larger information of the profits and divided that wealth with Miramax. In an interrogation with the Daily Beast, the manager said he’s “not definite if it was a 50/50 split.”

Kevin SmithSmith has worked with Affleck, Damon and Miramax Films connected respective of his cult classics.Getty Images

He added, “I retrieve erstwhile ‘Good Will Hunting’ was leaving theaters and it felt weird due to the fact that it was like, ‘Wait? There’s each this Oscar buzz, truthful wherefore would you propulsion it if it was conscionable making money?’ And they did it due to the fact that keeping it successful theaters meant that much of the wealth would spell to Robin, whereas the infinitesimal it went to video the divided wasn’t Robin-heavy. It was hamstrung due to the fact that [of] greed.”

Several of Smith’s cult films specified arsenic “Clerks,” “Chasing Amy,” “Jersey Girl” and “Dogma” were produced by Weinstein and Miramax. Affleck, 49, and Damon, 51, starred successful immoderate of these movies.

“Good Will Hunting” was made connected a tiny fund of $10 million. While the movie scored 9 Academy Award nominations, Affleck and Damon won for Best Screenplay and Williams won for Best Supporting Actor.

good volition  huntingDamon and Williams successful a country from 1997’s “Good Will Hunting.”©Miramax/Courtesy Everett Colle

Another aureate nugget from Smith’s publication is that helium coined the now-infamous operation “Bennifer.” The sanction was fixed to Affleck and woman Jennifer Lopez successful the aboriginal aughts.

Lopez, 52, and the “Argo” histrion starred successful Smith’s 2004 drama “Jersey Girl” arsenic a young couple. He gave the lovebirds the portmanteau connected acceptable of the box bureau bomb.

“Dubious honor! A dubious grant astatine best, man,” Smith told the outlet. “Most radical retired there, including Ben and Jen themselves, are like, ‘Thanks, a – – hole.’ ”

Despite dating from 2002 until breaking up successful 2004, Bennifer is now backmost together.