Hassan Senate Campaign Worried About Republican Challenger’s Rapid Climb, Leaked Memo Says

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A caller memo from U.S. Sen. Maggie Hassan’s run shows the New Hampshire Democrat is disquieted astir Republican challenger Don Bolduc’s accelerated ascent to popularity and his imaginable to propulsion disconnected a triumph successful November.

Bolduc’s run is calling the Sept. 29 papers the “leaked Hassan strategy memo.”

The memo, which was obtained by Axios (pdf), appears to person been sent arsenic an email by Hassan run manager Aaron Jacobs.

In it, Jacobs compared Bolduc to 2014 New Hampshire senatorial campaigner Scott Brown, pointing retired that helium mislaid by lone a 1.5 percent borderline adjacent though polls showed him being underwater by 20 points successful preelection support ratings.

“Don Bolduc is already successful a stronger spot than Brown,” wrote Jacobs. “In a politically volatile and swingy authorities similar New Hampshire, it volition instrumentality important concern again to forestall a Republican from winning this spot successful what is an incredibly challenging nationalist situation for our party.”

Veteran New Hampshire person Jeanne Shaheen narrowly defeated the chartless Brown.

Neither Hassan’s run nor anyone successful her U.S. Senate offices responded to a petition for remark from The Epoch Times.

Jacobs besides laments the magnitude of fiscal enactment Bolduc is receiving nationally from the Republican Party, noting that Republican groups outspent Democrats by $2 cardinal successful the archetypal mates of weeks successful September.

“In galore ways our run is dealing with the worst of some worlds: portion galore Democrats are not taking Don Bolduc seriously, nationalist Republicans are spending tens of millions connected his behalf,” Jacobs wrote.

Jacobs besides warned against drafting assurance from canvass results, due to the fact that helium says they thin to beryllium near leaning and “sugar-coated” for Democratic candidates.

“You should beryllium leery of immoderate nationalist polling showing Senator Hassan starring this contention extracurricular the borderline of error. Our ain interior polling shows that Don Bolduc is rapidly consolidating the Republican basal and is rapidly making up crushed against Senator Hassan.”

Recent polls person enactment Hassan successful a pb implicit Bolduc, but that pb wide varies depending connected the poll. On Sept. 29, a Suffolk University–Boston Globe canvass showed Hassan up by 8.5 points implicit Bolduc, portion a canvass by the Trafalgar Group showed Hassan with a 3.2 constituent lead.

Another canvass by Data for Progress released Oct. 4 has Hassan with a 7 constituent pb implicit Bolduc.

A nexus to the “leaked memo” is embedded successful a property merchandise connected Bolduc’s run website. The sender and recipients of the email person been partially redacted.

Kate Constantini, identified arsenic a Bolduc spokeswoman, posted a connection astir the memo, characterizing it arsenic a concession that Hassan’s run strategies are not moving against the retired Army brigadier general.

“After millions of dollars spent lying astir General Bolduc’s record, Senator Hassan’s run has conceded the obvious: her pathetic and hopeless attempts to displacement the speech from her abysmal grounds successful the Senate aren’t working,” Constantini said successful a statement.

Like Shaheen, Hassan took a constrictive triumph successful her bid for U.S. Senate successful 2016, unseating Republican incumbent Kelly Ayotte by conscionable a small implicit 1,000 votes.

Hassan, a erstwhile New Hampshire governor, astir faced a contention against fashionable New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu. However, Sununu, a progressive Republican, opted against a tally for U.S. Senate and alternatively decided helium wanted to question a 4th word arsenic governor.

Hassan and Shaheen person made past arsenic the 2 women successful the United States to person been elected arsenic some a politician and a U.S. Senator.

Republicans are wide expected to retake power of the House successful November.

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