‘He was actually cracking jokes’: a volunteer on the 54-hour Brecon Beacons cave rescue

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It was erstwhile the substance connection suggested volunteers bring a sleeping container that Dr Peter Dennis realised helium mightiness beryllium successful for what helium politely refers to a “protracted operation”. But small did helium cognize helium would not instrumentality location for 3 nights aft the longest rescue ngo successful Welsh history.

The ecologist from Aberystwyth University had heeded the telephone past Saturday to articulation the hunt for an injured caver successful the Brecon Beacons who had fallen a mile into the 43.5-mile (70km) “intestinal” network of Ogof Ffynnon Ddu, which translates arsenic Cave of the Black Spring.

The medics archetypal connected the country established it was a stretcher job: George Linnane, an experienced caver, had suffered leg, jaw and thorax injuries aft falling successful the Cwmdwr caverns erstwhile a stone span gave way.

 rescuer says caving is harmless  aft  Brecon Beacons incidental  – video


'Accidents happen': rescuer says caving is harmless aft Brecon Beacons incidental – video

Going the “easy”, speedy mode retired was not an option. “Easy”, successful caver world, involves “a long, flat-out crawl which is lone 40 oregon 50cm successful diameter successful places”, explained Dennis, a seasoned caver who is president of the British Cave Rescue Council.

The agelong mode circular it was. Had his time gone to plan, it would person taken 38-year-old Linnane astir 3 hours to scope the aboveground from wherever helium fell. Instead, it took a squad of astir 300 unpaid volunteers from 10 teams astir the UK 54 hours to get him retired arsenic they passed his stretcher from manus to manus done immoderate unimaginably choky spaces.

“We reckon we had astir a 3rd of the rescue capableness of each our teams crossed Britain and Ireland mobilised and moving connected this rescue, which gives you an denotation of the value of it,” said Dennis.

The rescue, coordinated by South & Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team, required overmuch lateral thinking. “There was 1 constituent we were faced with a somewhat downhill, muddy bedewed slope and nary footholds. It looked rather tricky for cautiously managing the stretcher truthful a colleague, Joel, chirped up, ‘Pete, we tin bash this!’,” remembers Dennis. “We laic down, Joel shoved his boots connected my shoulders, and we formed a quality ramp down this mud slope and fundamentally the stretcher was slid down implicit our faces and chests.”

Teams carried the stretcher 3 hours astatine a time, swapping implicit to combat fatigue and cold. “Heads drop, you get precise tired. It’s highly exhausting carrying the stretcher implicit waterfall cascades – conscionable ideate carrying a dense load up a stream above the surface,” said Dennis. The crushed truthful galore radical were needed was to signifier “an avenue” to walk the stretcher along. Linnane is “fit – but he’s a large lad, a rugby subordinate sort”, said Dennis.

Rescuers look   from the cave entranceway  aft  taking their crook   successful  assisting the effort   to bring backmost  George Linnane from the cave web  nether  Brecon Beacons
Rescuers look from the cave entranceway aft taking their crook successful assisting the effort to bring backmost George Linnane from the cave web nether Brecon Beacons. Photograph: Gareth Phillips/The Guardian

On his 2nd travel underground, connected Sunday morning, Dennis helped to transportation Linnane on a rift – a high, constrictive passage. “We had to crook him 180 degrees to contiguous him to a rigging squad truthful helium could beryllium lowered down a cliff. It was precise tricky. It was hard enactment raising his thorax up to the partition to get his legs pointing downwards.”

Linnane remained lucid and successful bully spirits passim the ordeal, said Dennis. “He was really cracking jokes, which showed helium was connected a level supra conscionable endurance mode. He was listening to what radical were saying and commenting connected that. That’s what filled america with optimism that it was conscionable clip that we needed, and not that determination was immoderate captious deadline to beat.”

locator representation for Ogof Ffynnon Ddu

The casualty was surrounded by friends, said Dennis. “A batch knew him … determination was a batch of telling him who had arrived, radical helium knew, and saying, ‘Don’t worry, George, we volition get you out.’”

Linnane indispensable not consciousness blameworthy astir the rescue, insisted Dennis. “If helium felt blameworthy astir it he’d soon beryllium told that was silly, due to the fact that that mishap – his ft connected that stone span – could person happened to immoderate caver and helium was conscionable the unlucky 1 who enactment his ft determination connected that peculiar moment.”

It was 8pm connected Monday erstwhile Linnane was yet brought to the surface, a circular of applause ringing retired successful the heavy fog. Dennis celebrated with a mug of tea. Nothing stronger: “I had to thrust location astatine 11pm.”