Head of Queenland police union says no widespread cultural problem in domestic violence response

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The caput of Queensland’s constabulary national has said determination is nary “widespread taste problem” successful however officers respond to home unit incidents, successful a submission made to the state’s committee of enquiry examining the issue.

Ian Leavers, president of the Queensland Police Union since 2009, said “instances of idiosyncratic failings and shortcomings” were “more apt owed to workload pressures oregon inadequate training” than taste issues.

“There are inactive unsatisfactory behaviours and attitudes wrong the service, arsenic would beryllium recovered successful immoderate ample organisation,” Leavers wrote. “Some of the feedback and grounds to this committee of enquiry makes that plain. Importantly though, I suggest that this involves lone a precise tiny number of serving constabulary officers.”

The enquiry was recommended by the state’s women’s information and justness taskforce past twelvemonth owed to “concerns astir profoundly ingrained problems successful constabulary views and attitudes” towards home unit victims.

Over the past 5 weeks, the enquiry has heard several disturbing allegations specified arsenic officers referring to domestic unit arsenic “foreplay” and reports constabulary did not investigate a woman’s suspicious decease due to the fact that she and her hubby were “a brace of scumbags who unrecorded successful a crap area”.

Leavers primitively opposed calls for the committee of inquiry, labelling recommendations by the taskforce different “woke, out-of-touch report”. However, successful May helium said helium had changed his caput since giving grounds astatine the inquest into the decease of Hannah Clarke and her 3 children. He described the enquiry arsenic “an opportunity” to perpetrate to reforms.

Leavers has not been called by the enquiry to look successful person – with different absences including the Queensland constabulary commissioner, Katarina Carroll, and the state’s constabulary minister, Mark Ryan.

In his connection made connected 21 July and uploaded to the inquiry’s website precocious past week, Leavers referred to “the comparatively debased proportionality of complaints” compared with the “enormous fig of home unit incidents” constabulary attended each year.

He said that home unit work, “with its dense absorption [on] dysfunctional and abusive relationships”, whitethorn not transportation “the aforesaid attraction” for officers who had joined the QPS “to prosecute successful the detection and prosecution of crime”.

Leavers besides raised concerns astir the attraction of officers successful the workplace who person been served with impermanent home unit orders.

He indicated it whitethorn beryllium an “overreaction” to instantly basal down an serviceman and region their firearm pursuing the impermanent order, arsenic it prevents “them from engaging successful immoderate operational policing”.

“The workplace consequences that originate for constabulary officers [that are] the taxable of a home and household unit bid are enormous,” Leavers said.

“The information that they person been stood down and their firearm removed signals to everyone wrong their presumption that they are the responsive successful home and household unit proceedings.”

Leavers said helium could recognize that “certain impermanent conditions whitethorn request to beryllium imposed upon specified officers” but “it whitethorn sometimes beryllium an overreaction for them to beryllium prohibited from operational enactment altogether simply due to the fact that of the making of an uncontested order.”

Leavers besides defended officers’ attraction of First Nations home unit victims, saying constabulary “are overwhelmingly well-intentioned” and “do what they tin to debar the incarceration of First Nations people”.

“Indeed, I would spell truthful acold to accidental that often times First Nations males are not arrested successful circumstances wherever a non-Indigenous idiosyncratic would be, due to the fact that of this precise issue,” helium said.

The enquiry has heard respective testimonies from advocates and work providers describing constabulary failings, including regular occurrences of First Nations victims being misidentified arsenic perpetrators.

A study from an quality serviceman besides said officers successful the Torres Strait avoided applying for DVOs adjacent aft seeing victims’ swollen faces, achromatic eyes and request for infirmary admission.

It listed 18 examples from constabulary records, which raised concerns astir the adequacy of officers’ responses to home unit successful the Torres Strait region.

The enquiry holds its past time of hearings successful Mt Isa connected Tuesday earlier its findings are handed down successful October.