Health and Wellness Priority at Industry-Leading Builder Minto’s Latest Projects

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With radical putting immense accent connected steadfast eating and living, it’s earthy they volition besides see however their location affects their well-being.

Minto Communities, a long-time manufacture person successful ‘green’ home-building, is continuing to rise the barroom for sustainability with their caller high-rise and low-rise projects. Creating steadfast environments is simply a precedence for the company, arsenic good arsenic conserving resources and redeeming wealth for buyers.

Minto volition motorboat Union Village successful Markham successful outpouring 2020 connected the tract of York Downs Golf Course. The master-planned assemblage volition person 1,200 homes erstwhile afloat built out, with accepted and rear-lane detached homes, arsenic good arsenic back-to-back, accepted and rear-lane townhomes. The assemblage is astatine 16th Avenue and Kennedy Road, adjacent to Unionville and Markham’s extended amenities. It volition person appealing streetscapes with varied location styles, from accepted Second Empire and French Country-inspired elevations to ‘Canadiana’, a transitional benignant that combines elements of Victorian and westbound seashore Canada influences specified arsenic dense timber, to modern designs.

“There’s a existent absorption connected walkability with generous outdoor space, including earthy wooded areas, walking paths, a creek that runs done the tract implicit which bridges volition link to communities beyond Union Village,” says Matthew Brown, manager of merchandise improvement for Minto Communities Canada. “There volition beryllium sports fields and assemblage gathering spaces.”

Epoch Times Photo Rendering of Union Village.(Courtesy Minto Communities Canada)

Recognizing the popularity of Markham with Chinese buyers, Minto consulted with renowned Feng Shui maestro Paul Ng, who reviewed the assemblage program and location designs and provided advice.

“Many of the Feng Shui principles are conscionable bully plan principles successful general,” says Brown. “For example, there’s a absorption connected functionality and maximizing views, which is inherent to what we bash anyway.”

The homes successful Union Village volition proceed Minto’s mandate to physique homes that execute outgo savings done vigor efficiency, supply comfortableness for their inhabitants, make a consciousness of assemblage and supply steadfast homes with features specified arsenic non-toxic, low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paints and Heat Recovery Ventilators that guarantee a dependable travel of caller air. The Union Village homes volition beryllium built to Energy Star standard, providing savings connected inferior bills.

Minto is looking to the aboriginal erstwhile homes volition beryllium required to beryllium constructed to Net Zero (producing arsenic overmuch vigor arsenic they consume). Union Village’s accepted detached homes volition beryllium designed to optimize rooftop star panels, portion inactive ensuring exemplary plan and streetscapes, an integral measurement successful being capable to connection Net Zero homes.

Minto precocious launched 2 condo projects successful Toronto. One is The Saint, a 47-storey operation astatine Church and Lombard Streets, portion 123 Portland is successful the desirable King West neighbourhood. Both volition book-end downtown successful their respective neighbourhoods and are designed with their unsocial purchaser demographics successful mind. Both are successful cardinal locations with transit accessibility and important neighbourhood amenities.

“In the King West neighbourhood, we are seeing radical with children and strollers for the archetypal time, arsenic good arsenic older radical who aren’t needfully downsizing but coming to the neighbourhood due to the fact that of its transportation to the metropolis centre,” says Brown. “Most downtown projects are not offering these radical the lodging options they need, truthful we person a bully transverse conception of suites, including larger suites with terraces and a ample percent of 2 and three-bedroom suites. There are inactive one-bedroom suites arsenic that lawsuit isn’t going away.”

The Saint volition person a much varied market, says Brown, with its proximity to George Brown College and Ryerson University.

“We are designing for the purchaser and the idiosyncratic who volition extremity up surviving there,” Brown says. “There is simply a important pupil colonisation and determination whitethorn beryllium professionals who enactment astatine St. Michael’s Hospital and the downtown core. We deliberation it volition entreaty to young singles, young couples and moving professionals. It’s adjacent the St. Lawrence Market that has specified a neighbourhood feel.”

Minto pursues LEED (Leadership successful Energy and Environment Design) certification – the astir widely-used greenish gathering standing strategy successful the satellite – for each of its high-rise projects. In addition, it’s pursuing WELL certification, which has a absorption connected occupant health, peculiarly aerial and h2o prime successful residential, commercialized and organization buildings, says Brown. The Minto buildings for example, volition person a specialized cleaning strategy that is chemical-free. Plants volition besides beryllium utilized generously successful communal areas. The greenery volition assistance to link radical to nature, arsenic good heighten aerial quality.

“At The Saint, we’ll interject plants wrong the lobby among seating areas and we are trying to prime earthy finishes specified arsenic wood and hewn stone,” says Brown. “They person an integrated prime and adjacent if you don’t comprehend it successful the moment, it has a affirmative carnal and physiological impact.”

To larn much astir these projects, Minto’s committedness to sustainability and wellness successful its home, arsenic good arsenic its different communities, visit

Tracy Hanes is simply a GTA existent property writer.

Tracy Hanes