Health Care Employees Sue Hospital Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate, Say They Were Denied Religious Exemptions

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Fourteen employees of NorthShore University HealthSystem filed a suit against the Illinois-based wellness attraction provider, arguing that the installation wouldn’t let them to support their jobs owed to spiritual objections to COVID-19 vaccines.

Liberty Counsel, which is representing the 14 wellness attraction workers, said successful an emailed connection to The Epoch Times connected Monday that it filed a class-action suit successful the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.

The “plaintiffs person shared these spiritual beliefs, and others, with NorthShore, and person asked NorthShore for exemption and tenable accommodation for these beliefs, but NorthShore has unlawfully and callously refused,” the ailment (pdf) said.

The suit is urging the territory tribunal to assistance a impermanent injunction against the mandate earlier Oct. 31, a time earlier the deadline NorthShore acceptable to region the plaintiffs and different employees with objections.

“As of past Friday,” said Liberty Counsel’s statement, “NorthShore had already started purging those employees with sincere spiritual objections to its ‘Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Policy,'” by removing galore of those employees from the November enactment schedule, including those whose appeals were inactive pending.”

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidelines accidental that employees tin inquire to beryllium exempted from vaccine requirements owed to spiritual oregon aesculapian reasons. Employers bash not needfully person to assistance the exemptions nether definite circumstances, the agency’s guidance adds.

NorthShore has not instantly responded to a petition for remark to the tribunal filing. In a statement to section media, Northshore, which has six hospitals, said that astir of its employees person received the vaccine.

The infirmary strategy said it understands “that getting vaccinated whitethorn beryllium a hard determination for immoderate of our squad members,” according to its statement. “We worth their committed work and respect their beliefs. However, COVID-19 has presented unsocial challenges that proceed to endanger our communities and truthful we indispensable prioritize the information of our patients and squad members successful enactment of our broader mission.”

But Liberty Counsel asserted that NorthShore antecedently provided exemptions to immoderate workers but aboriginal denied them successful September. The company’s denials were without explanation oregon said the requests for exemptions failed to conscionable its criteria.

“NorthShore past lone gave employees 3 concern days to record an entreaty without stating what was missing successful the archetypal application. In that appeal, NorthShore besides seemingly judged the validity of their spiritual beliefs by requiring them to see their full vaccination past since the property of eighteen. However, NorthShore ne'er requested employees to supply anterior vaccine accusation successful their archetypal exemption requests,” the enactment said.

In response, NorthShore stated Monday that it had “considered each petition based connected aggregate criteria” and looked astatine the accusation submitted, information issues, and “current conditions.”

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