Health Care Workers Speak Out on Why They Would Rather Lose Their Jobs Than Take a COVID-19 Vaccine

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Despite being promoted arsenic harmless and effectual by bequest media, galore health attraction workers are refusing to instrumentality the COVID-19 vaccines, and those who openly talk retired astir their concerns get censored by Big Tech companies oregon kicked disconnected their platforms.

Some nurses and doctors are refusing vaccine mandates adjacent if means it volition outgo them their jobs.

The Epoch Times reached retired to immoderate of these wellness attraction professionals to spot why.

‘Impossible to Give Fully Informed Consent’

Emily Nixon is simply a registered caregiver who has been moving successful the wellness manufacture for 18 years. When her employer, MaineHealth, announced that it would marque the vaccine mandatory, she rapidly organized a radical called The Coalition for Healthcare Workers Against Medical Mandates and filed a lawsuit.

“Thousands of wellness attraction workers person and volition beryllium losing their jobs. The already anemic wellness attraction infrastructure of Maine volition not withstand this devastating nonaccomplishment of staff. Life volition beryllium lost. Care is already being rationed. We person been experiencing a media blackout successful this state,” Nixon said.

“Speaking from my constituent of view, an intelligent, healthy, and empowered wellness attraction nonrecreational that takes fantabulous attraction of herself, it is an insult to expect that I would judge an injection of chartless substance and efficacy and supply an illustration to the large radical that I service that they excessively should taxable their powerfulness implicit to pharmaceutical companies—convicted felons—in an effort to enactment a band-aid connected the gaping coiled of reality.

“It is unconscionable to mandate injections without exemption, particularly erstwhile the injection is simply a marque caller aesculapian merchandise inactive undergoing its archetypal twelvemonth of study. Breakthrough cases are not decently reported on. We cognize this vaccine is ‘leaky.’ The information and effectiveness of this vaccine has not been proven. There are different harmless and alternate treatments. It is intolerable to springiness afloat informed consent without long-term, unbiased data. Threatening our jobs is blatant coercion. Our God-given close to bodily integrity and idiosyncratic autonomy has been stripped with these mandates and we volition not basal for it,” Nixon said.

‘The Side Effects Are Real’

Jaclyn Zubiate, who was moving for Southern Maine Health Care, loved her occupation arsenic a nurse.

“I did not instrumentality the vaccine, adjacent though I volition beryllium terminated … Now with the information that we have, we cognize that the endurance complaint is rather high. Over the past 18 months, I person lone sent 1 diligent to the ER successful respiratory distress. COVID has nary distinguishing features among different viruses similar different diseases that we person vaccines for. Why would I request a vaccine for thing with a 99 percent endurance complaint that does not person immoderate distinguishable features?” said Zubiate.

“Health attraction workers are not taking it due to the fact that they cognize that the broadside effects are real. In urgent care, I person seen myocarditis, cellulitis, [and] antithetic neurological symptoms, among a assortment of different broadside effects. I person seen radical precise sick post-vaccine, and past spell connected to trial positive. The positivity complaint for contracting COVID connected the vaccinated is precise precocious per the caller studies and what I americium seeing successful my clinic. A vaccine should work, and it is not working. It should beryllium tested for years connected thing different than humans earlier we telephone it ‘safe and effective.’ … I volition ne'er instrumentality that hazard connected myself,” Zubiate said.

‘The Data Speaks for Itself’

Jessica Mosher has been a registered caregiver for much than a decade. She is simply a parent of 4 and a Veteran of the United States Navy who mislaid her occupation for refusing the shots.

She was a nursing supervisor, diligent perceiver manager, and caregiver programme manager astatine Redington-Fairview General Hospital.

“Protecting my wellness and staying existent to my spiritual convictions volition ever beryllium my prime implicit a job. The scriptures committedness that ‘as agelong arsenic the world remains, determination volition beryllium seedtime and harvest;’ this broadside of heaven, we person an abundance of employment options, but lone 1 life,” Mosher said.

“I person a master’s grade successful nursing and americium employed arsenic a prof of nursing probe and evidence-based practice. I americium skilled successful collecting and analyzing information and successful drafting conclusions. I did not trust connected the media, government, oregon Big Tech for immoderate of my wellness attraction decisions anterior to COVID-19 and I person nary plans to alteration course. The information speaks for itself related to the harm these experimental vaccines person caused and the deficiency of studies that person been conducted. What I person seen arsenic a caregiver and what others person shared post-vaccination seals the deal. The virus, similar the acold and flu, does not person a cure. However, it has an astir 100 percent endurance rate. Those pushing the vaccine are pursuing the money. I americium pursuing the science. Health attraction workers bash not locomotion distant from their passionateness oregon unchangeable wage to beryllium difficult. The magnitude of radical consenting to beryllium fired should beryllium origin for alarm successful and of itself,” she added.

‘Health Care Workers Have Natural Immunity’

John Lewis worked for a ample infirmary successful confederate Maine.

He is pro-life and believes that each beingness is precious.

“Knowing each 3 disposable vaccines were either tested, developed, oregon produced utilizing fetal compartment lines from elective abortions, I could not successful bully conscience interruption my profoundly held beliefs. Anticipating I would beryllium capable to record a spiritual exemption, it is hard to judge I’m not being afforded an exemption based connected my duties aft considering I americium a distant idiosyncratic and bash not interact with patients,” Lewis said.

“Outside of aesculapian oregon spiritual exemptions, galore wellness attraction workers see the risk-benefits of getting the vaccine. It is the aforesaid attack to providing diligent care, wherever the diligent is allowed informed consent. Many of the wellness attraction workers person earthy immunity. Others bash not consciousness determination is not capable semipermanent probe into adverse effects. Also, these wellness attraction workers spot with their ain eyes what is happening successful hospitals which isn’t needfully successful enactment with the narrative,” said Lewis.

‘None of america Are Seeing’ Surges

Heather Sadler, a registered nurse, besides loves to beryllium a nurse, but, she said that she and her family’s wellness and is overmuch much important than her paycheck.

“This is caller vaccine (if you privation to telephone it that) technology, that has NEVER been deployed successfully, and has nary information regarding semipermanent effects, not to beryllium confused with ‘side effects’ arsenic the wide nationalist seems to beryllium hung up on. I person ever been idiosyncratic who analyzes my wellness attraction choices done the lens of risk-benefit ratio. Knowing what I cognize astir COVID (and I’ve done—a lot—of research), I bash not autumn into immoderate of the high-risk for terrible illness/death categories: property >65, obese, bosom disease, diabetes, chronic lung conditions, and immunocompromised. For maine and my contiguous family, determination is greater hazard of having a broadside effect, oregon semipermanent effect from injecting a virtually chartless substance into ourselves,” Sadler said.

“I americium a caregiver successful Oncology/Hematology, and I’m—seeing—that we are experiencing an summation successful hospitalizations/referrals for clotting and bleeding disorders. For 1 example, successful 1 week, we had 2 patients successful the infirmary who were diagnosed with a uncommon clotting upset that is usually lone seen successful 4 percent of the wide population. And this happened twice, successful 1 week, successful agrarian cardinal Maine! The lone communal factor, a COVID changeable 3 days anterior successful each case. Was this reported to the CDC, I bash not know.

“Only 4 of the astir 20–25 radical I’ve known personally who person tested affirmative for COVID precocious person been unvaccinated. Yes, unvaccinated. The bulk of the radical astir maine who person tested affirmative successful the past 3 months person been afloat vaccinated. Why would I privation to hazard broadside effects oregon semipermanent effects of the changeable if I tin inactive declaration and dispersed this virus? It’s conscionable not logical. Those 2 examples intelligibly stroke their mentation that ‘it’s harmless and effective’ retired of the water!” Sadler went on.

“I americium successful changeless connection with different wellness attraction workers successful the authorities of Maine and—none—of america are seeing the ‘surges’ that the wide nationalist is told is happening.”

“This is America! I person each close to marque an educated determination regarding my wellness care. No substance what you are told, what I bash has nary nonstop effect connected you,” Sadler concluded.

‘Freedom is the Most Important Thing’

Sherri Thornton was a Maine SAFE Advisory Board Member and Chair and has been a caregiver for 45 years.

She was readying to discontinue but wanted to enactment until the extremity of the year, however, erstwhile she saw the mandate coming she decided to discontinue earlier.

“I judge that state is the astir important happening successful beingness extracurricular of salvation. No 1 has the close to archer maine what I tin oregon tin not bash with my assemblage but the Lord. The vaccines person been produced with fetal insubstantial and I americium staunchly opposed to abortion,” Thornton said.

“The components of the vaccines are not safe, determination are galore broadside effects that origin much harm than the coronavirus. It doesn’t support against the variants …. Vaccinating everyone volition not summation herd immunity and volition lone origin much variants to which those without earthy immunity volition succumb,” Thornton said.

Three different wellness attraction workers that are against the vaccine mandates reached retired to The Epoch Times but didn’t privation to person their names oregon employers disclosed.

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