Heartfelt Gratitude at Thanksgiving to the Founder of Falun Dafa

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Thanksgiving is simply a vacation astir gratitude. As radical stitchery to observe the blessings successful beingness implicit turkey and pumpkin pie, Falun Dafa practitioners and supporters nonstop their gratitude to Li Hongzhi, the laminitis of Falun Dafa, whom they respectfully telephone Master.

‘I Owe All That to Your Teachings’

“As the customized with this vacation is to instrumentality banal of your blessings and what you are thankful for, I privation to explicit my deepest acknowledgment and gratitude to you for teaching the Fa, thing that has helped maine amended each facet of my beingness and go a amended person, go a amended father, go a amended employee. I beryllium each that to your teachings,” said Cary Dunst from Connecticut.

Dunst is the Executive Vice President of Business Development & Strategy astatine Adslot, a planetary media advertisement company. He said helium received a brochure astir Falun Dafa practitioners demonstrating the exercises connected the thoroughfare successful New York City. “I wanted to effort it for 30 days. I had a precise beardown feeling from the precise beginning, and I forgot astir the 30 days. I’ve been practicing for astir 22 years now!”

Epoch Times Photo Thanksgiving greetings from Falun Dafa practitioners. (The Epoch Times)

Falun Dafa is simply a mind-body signifier that consists of gentle meditative exercises and motivation teachings focused connected the principles of truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance.

“Within a fewer weeks of starting to signifier Falun Dafa, I noticed precise beardown improvements to my health. The archetypal happening that I noticed was an betterment successful my level of accent and reducing anxiety,” Dunst said. “I deliberation it was a effect of my looking inward astatine the choices I was making and taking work for surviving a healthier manner and trying to beryllium much successful harmony with others astir me.”

Dunst wishes Master Li a fantastic Thanksgiving, “You’ve worked truthful hard to thatch anybody who wants to larn however to amended their caput and assemblage crossed the full world. Tens of millions of radical person benefited from your tireless self-sacrifice. I conscionable privation to accidental convey you and person a fantastic Thanksgiving!”

‘I Felt astatine Home’

Olivier Chartrand has been practicing Falun Dafa for 25 years. Originally from Montreal Canada, Chartrand is simply a existent property broker successful New York.

Chartrand recalled successful 1997 erstwhile helium recovered Falun Dafa, “I was looking for a mode of beingness that could assistance maine amended my motivation character. I was looking for this 1 doctrine that is perfect, has nary flaws. I volition instrumentality it for the remainder of my life.”

Epoch Times Photo Thanksgiving greetings from Falun Dafa practitioners. (The Epoch Times)

Then his person told him astir a publication that helium recovered online, “as soon arsenic I started reading, I knew that was what I was looking for.

Chartrand said, “When I started to read, I felt astatine home. Everything I had successful my bosom is successful the book, but the full nine is going [in] reverse. Everything I judge successful I tin spot successful words. … I felt precise astatine peace.”

The years of improving morality done the practice, to Chartrand, is similar “peeling an onion, with each layer, I person caller understanding, [I am] much astatine peace.”

To Master Li, Chartrand said, “Happy Thanksgiving” successful Chinese. “There is nary words for my gratitude for master, determination is nary mode I tin repay master. But I volition bash my champion to beryllium worthy of the rubric of a Dafa disciple.”

‘I Am So Thankful’

Dr. Roger Canfield is the laminitis and enforcement manager of the backstage U.S. Intelligence Council. He has authored galore books connected Communist China. Most recently, helium wrote a 50-page primer entitled, “Make Red China Pay.” It talks astir “how Red China bio and chemic warfare killed 1 cardinal Americans and unopen down our economy.”

Canfield is simply a long-time person of Falun Dafa. He sends his greetings to Master Li. “I’m honored to nonstop a greeting to Master Li Hongzhi whose bequest extends beyond Falun Gong and China, to defending the world, peculiarly America, from the evils of communism.”

Canfield said that The Epoch Times and NTDTV “is a dependable for tolerance, compassion, and the truth.”

“I convey you each for reenergizing my probe and writing. I person greatly enjoyed rallies, CPAC meetings, and taste performances.”

“At the Thanksgiving holiday, I americium truthful thankful.”

‘Falun Dafa Has Brought Blessings’

Indira Sarabia is an entrepreneur. She lives successful Mexico City and has been practicing Falun Dafa for 15 years.

“I americium precise honored to privation a blessed Thanksgiving to Master Li Hongzhi,” Sarabia said. “Thank you for teaching maine the principles of truth, benevolence, and tolerance that are the regular usher for my life.”

“Thanksgiving Day is an fantabulous day to convey Master Li Hongzhi for his infinite mercy and his generous publication to humanity. Falun Dafa has brought blessings to millions of radical astir the world.”

Sarabia has benefited greatly by practicing Falun Dafa. She said the signifier “has allowed maine to beryllium a amended person; has allowed maine to cultivate my assemblage and mind, to unrecorded successful a authorities of greater physical, mental, and affectional health; and has helped maine to execute a authorities of awareness, resilience, and interior purity.”

‘Dafa Shows Me How to Live’

Originally from Brazil, Luis works astatine a concern institution successful New York. He has been a practitioner since 2006. He was raised successful a Catholic situation and has looked into antithetic practices, but helium did not consciousness immoderate connection.

“One time I was connected the internet, moving connected a task … I was speechmaking the website astir candles. The feline talked a batch astir however to usage the candles. On the past leafage of the website, the feline said, if you truly similar to turn yourself spiritually, hide everything I said—look for Falun Gong. Then I went to that website and started to read, I felt truly connected.”

“Three months into the practice, the asthma and each allergies went away.”

“I grew up successful a state wherever lust and unit are celebrated. Brazil has been influenced by communism. I was ever angry, reacting successful a atrocious way. After practicing, I recognize I had to change.”

“Now I person harmony among the household members.”

Luis said that the signifier besides benefited his household members, adjacent though they are not practicing. “After I started to practice, my father’s fiscal issues and my brother’s cause addiction were resolved. So it besides benefited radical astir me.”

Luis would similar to convey Master Li for “Dafa shows maine however to live. It’s a cardinal change. I americium nary longer lost.”

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