Henry Ruggs crash victim identified as Tina Tintor, 23, as grim details emerge

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Tina Tintor was conscionable miles distant from her household home, her canine successful the backseat of her Toyota RAV4, erstwhile Henry Ruggs’ Corvette came barreling down the roadworthy into her conveyance astatine 156 mph connected Tuesday morning, according to precocious released constabulary reports obtained by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Ruggs had been retired drinking astatine Topgolf Las Vegas and a friend’s location earlier the crash, which killed some Tintor, 23, and her canine and resulted successful the 22-year-old Ruggs being charged with DUI resulting successful death. The Raiders chopped him not agelong aft the quality was made public.

The interaction of the clang sent Tintor’s conveyance much than 570 feet down the roadworthy earlier yet coming to a rest. Ruggs’ Corvette spun retired for astir 520 feet. The clang drew the attraction of bystanders, including Alexander Hart, a information defender astatine a adjacent flat complex, and the operator of a Dodge Durango, who some tried to assistance Tintor.

Tina Tintor successful  a Facebook photoTina Tintor successful a Facebook photoFacebook

Per the report, Tintor was live erstwhile the car settled to a stop, and was screaming from wrong the vehicle. But the car caught fire, and she was engulfed by flames and smoke, yet dying successful the SUV arsenic the bystanders were incapable to propulsion her out.

At the aforesaid time, Ruggs hung retired of the broadside of his crumpled Corvette, “his assemblage laying connected the road.” He refused a tract sobriety trial and was taken to the hospital, wherever humor was drawn. He was besides treated for superior injuries, arsenic was his girlfriend, Kiara Kilgo-Washington.

Scenes from the Henry Ruggs crashScenes from the Henry Ruggs crashGetty Images

The humor draws revealed that Ruggs’ BAC was astir doubly the ineligible limit. Investigators asked him if helium remembered what happened, to which helium shouted, “No!” His dependable was slurred and helium said helium was going home, according to the report.

Henry Ruggs' booking photoHenry Ruggs’ booking photoAP

Little is known astir Tintor astatine this constituent — a comparative told the Review-Journal that “We’re not acceptable to remark connected thing astatine the moment.”