Here Are All the Ways to 'Ping' a Lost iPhone

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Losing your iPhone is no fun. Immediately, thoughts contention done your head: “Did I permission it astatine the restaurant?” “Did idiosyncratic bargain it?” “What americium I expected to bash without Twitter?” Don’t panic! Instead, adjacent your eyes, instrumentality a heavy breath...and ping it.

What does it mean to “ping” an iPhone

Depending connected however progressive you are with iPhones and Apple products, you whitethorn oregon whitethorn not beryllium acquainted with “pinging.” No, we’re not talking astir Apple’s failed effort to crook iTunes into a societal media level (and yes, that truly happened). We’re talking astir making your iPhone play a high-pitched tone, nary substance wherever it happens to be.

Pinging, I’m sure, is liable for galore an iPhone proprietor reuniting with their $1,000 lifeline to the remainder of the world. It’s cleanable for uncovering iPhones mislaid nether sofa cushions and car seats, arsenic good arsenic connected the movie theatre level (just hold until after the movie to ping your phone).

Pinging is the preferred method for uncovering a missing iPhone successful your contiguous country due to the fact that it doesn’t substance if the telephone is connected soundless oregon not. Calling the iPhone surely works good if your dependable is each the mode up, but without that ringtone blaring away, your telephone calls volition beryllium successful vain.

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Plus, we don’t ever person entree to different telephone to telephone ours successful these types of emergencies. Unless you’re with a friend, oregon you person the nervus to inquire a alien to usage theirs, you can’t telephone your telephone without your phone. So, pinging it is.

Apple makes it casual for those successful the ecosystem to ping their iPhones. In fact, it offers 3 antithetic methods for doing so. Check retired each 3 below, and prime 1 the adjacent clip your iPhone goes missing.

Ping an iPhone utilizing Find My

The Find My app isn’t conscionable bully for pinging iPhones; since it tracks the determination of galore of your Apple products, you tin apt spot the telephone connected the representation arsenic well. After jumping into Find My, you mightiness beryllium capable to archer wherever the telephone is without needing to ping it astatine all. However, if you already cognize your iPhone is successful your house, you conscionable don’t cognize where, that’s wherever pinging comes successful handy.

If you person an Apple instrumentality connected to the aforesaid Apple ID arsenic your iPhone, you tin motorboat Find My there. Otherwise, you tin log successful to and take “Find iPhone.” Either way, take your iPhone from the list, and pat “Play Sound” to ping it. At first, your iPhone volition simply vibrate. After a fewer seconds, however, it volition statesman to play a high-pitched sound. This dependable plays until your iPhone is found—or you halt the dependable done Find My—so support that successful mind.

Ping an iPhone with your Apple Watch

If you person an Apple Watch, you tin usage it to ping your iPhone. It’s surely overmuch faster to pat a fastener connected your ticker alternatively of reaching for Find My, so, if you person 1 of Apple’s wearables, I urge you usage it first.

The enactment to ping your iPhone lives successful your Apple Watch’s Control Center. To entree it, swipe up from the bottommost of your ticker face, past pat the fastener that features an iPhone with dependable waves. This volition ping the iPhone, but lone for a fewer seconds, dissimilar Find My’s never-ending ping.

There’s a hidden diagnostic to this Apple Watch button, though. If you clasp it down alternatively of tapping it, your iPhone’s LED volition flash, arsenic well. That way, if its talker is simply a spot muffled, you tin besides trust connected the flash to assistance find your phone.


If you don’t person an Apple Watch, Siri is different speedy mode to find a mislaid iPhone (or anything, really). Just occurrence up Siri connected 1 of your connected Apple devices, and inquire it to find the instrumentality you’re looking for. For example, you could inquire Siri connected your Mac to ping your iPhone, oregon you could inquire your iPad to ping your Mac. It’s a lesser know, but inactive useful, feature.