Here’s how much ‘The Simpsons’ house would be worth today

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The Simpsons household  location  would outgo  fractional  a cardinal  if it were real. The Simpsons' household location would outgo fractional a cardinal if it were real. YouTube

Turns retired “The Simpsons” house, located astatine 742 Evergreen Terrace successful the fictional municipality of Springfield, is much than conscionable priceless to fans.

If it really existed successful suburban America, the location would beryllium worthy adjacent to fractional a million, according to a realty firm.

Garretts Real Estate Group shared a tongue-in-cheek listing of the Simpsons’ pad and estimated that the four-bedroom, 2 ½-bathroom location would outgo $449,900 successful today’s market.

Situated adjacent to their insufferable neighbor, Ned Flanders, the radical noted it was built earlier 1989 and spans 2,200 quadrate feet.

Over the past 3 decades Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie person moved astir to antithetic homes, but ever find themselves backmost successful the Springfield location – a sanction fashionable to galore towns successful the United States.

The backyard with a basement cellar.The backyard with a basement cellar. YouTube
The entryway of the home.The entryway of the home. YouTube
The stairs.The stairs. YouTube
The kitchen.The kitchen. YouTube

“Beautiful two-story location with basement. Through the arched, beforehand doorway you are welcomed into the foyer. To the near is simply a cozy sitting country with a bay window, and to the right, is the eating country that besides features a bully bay window,” the listing states. “Towards the backmost of the home, is the surviving country and kitchen.”

“The 2nd communicative features 4 bedrooms! A maestro chamber that offers a bully ensuite bathroom. There is besides an further bath upstairs. The backyard is surrounded by a woody picket obstruction and a debased container hedge. Also a patio and a customized treehouse!”

The playroom.The playroom. YouTube
The ceremonial  eating  room.The ceremonial eating room. YouTube
The meal  space.The meal space. YouTube
The second-story hallway.The second-story hallway. YouTube
One of 4 bedrooms. YouTube

The listing besides includes amenities adjacent the home, similar the Springfield International Airport, the General Hospital, the Wax Museum, Springfield Elementary and the mall.

Garretts Real Estate revealed they came to that estimation aft randomly looking astatine homes precocious sold successful Springfield, Oregon, since fans person agelong thought “The Simpsons” takes spot successful the Beaver State.

“We recovered a fistful of comps that would beryllium a bully lucifer and utilized the aforesaid attack erstwhile determining however overmuch a location is worth,” the website states.

“Also factoring successful that they person been successful the location since the precocious 1980s, Homer has immoderate superior equity and apt paid acold little for the location than its existent value,” they added.