Here's Where You Can Return Running Shoes, Even If You've Already Run in Them

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There are plentifulness of reasons to bargain shoes astatine your section moving store alternatively of online oregon astatine a large container store, including a much knowledgeable unit and the information that you’re supporting your section moving community. But different biggie is the information that galore volition instrumentality returns adjacent aft you’ve gone for a fewer runs successful your shoes.

In lawsuit you don’t person a section store with this policy, it’s bully to cognize that immoderate larger brands and online stores volition besides instrumentality returns of lightly-worn shoes. Do not consciousness bad astir taking vantage of this policy. The full thought is that you tin spot your assemblage to archer you whether the shoes are working, alternatively than stressing successful the store (or astatine location arsenic you’re unboxing) astir whether you think these shoes volition enactment for you.

Nike volition fto you instrumentality shoes, adjacent if they’ve been worn, within 60 days of purchase:

Whether you store connected, successful immoderate of the Nike apps, oregon astatine a Nike store, we springiness you 60 days to instrumentality your Nike and Converse purchases for a proceedings run, confidently knowing you tin instrumentality items (some exceptions apply) for immoderate crushed wrong those 60 days. That includes customized Nike By You sneakers. Even aft 60 days, you tin inactive instrumentality items if they’re unworn and unwashed.

Brooks will judge returns wrong 90 days, yes, adjacent if you’ve tally successful the shoes:

Brooks offers the Run Happy Promise - a committedness that you’ll emotion your gear, and if you don’t we volition instrumentality it backmost for 90 days aft purchase. Run successful it, sweat successful it, inside, outside, successful the rainfall - if it doesn’t execute the mode it should, nonstop it back.

Unworn items tin beryllium returned for 1 afloat twelvemonth from the day of purchase.

Fleet Feet, a concatenation of moving stores that besides has an online store, has a 60-day instrumentality policy that does not necessitate the shoes to beryllium unworn:

If an point you purchased astatine a Fleet Feet store oregon connected doesn’t marque you blessed by the mode it performs, looks oregon fits, you tin instrumentality it wrong 60 days* for a afloat refund. That’s our Happy Fit Guarantee.

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With brands oregon stores not listed here, you whitethorn inactive beryllium capable to instrumentality them, but runners’ experiences look to beryllium mixed. For example, Adidas’s instrumentality argumentation doesn’t specifically accidental that you tin instrumentality shoes aft you’ve tally successful them, but astatine slightest 1 Redditor says they were told by Adidas lawsuit enactment that it would beryllium OK to instrumentality shoes they person tally in. (Please enactment that policies tin change, and that they often alteration by country.) If you’ve bought shoes, tally successful them, and weren’t happy, it can’t wounded to ask.