Hiker lost on US mountain ignored calls from rescuers because he didn’t recognise the number

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A antheral who became mislaid for 24 hours portion hiking connected Colorado’s highest upland ignored repeated telephone calls from rescue teams due to the fact that they came from an chartless number, authorities say.

The hiker was reported missing astir 8pm connected 18 October aft failing to instrumentality to wherever helium was staying, Lake region hunt and rescue said.

Repeated attempts to interaction the antheral done calls, texts and voicemail messages went ignored, according to a statement released by the agency.

Five rescue squad members were deployed astatine astir 10pm to hunt “high probability areas” connected from Mount Elbert but returned astir 3am the pursuing greeting aft failing to find the missing hiker connected the 4401 metre-high (14,440ft) peak.

A 2nd squad acceptable retired astatine 7am the adjacent time to hunt areas wherever hikers “typically suffer the trail” lone to observe the antheral had returned backmost to his spot of lodging astir 9:30am.

The hiker told authorities helium had mislaid his mode astir nightfall and “bounced astir connected to antithetic trails trying to find the due trailhead” earlier yet reaching his car the adjacent morning, astir 24 hours aft mounting retired connected the hike.

Lake region hunt and rescue said the antheral reported having “no idea” anyone was retired looking for him.

“One notable take-away is that the taxable ignored repeated telephone calls from america due to the fact that they didn’t recognise the number,” the bureau added.

“If you’re overdue according to your itinerary, and you commencement getting repeated calls from an chartless number, delight reply the phone; it whitethorn beryllium a hunt and rescue squad trying to corroborate you’re safe!”

More than 32 hours were dedicated to the search. News that the hiker had ignored calls from rescuers prompted a flurry of furious responses from members of the public.

“Please retrieve that what seems similar communal consciousness successful hindsight is not evident to a taxable successful the infinitesimal erstwhile they are mislaid and panicking,” Lake region hunt and rescue responded implicit a Facebook post.

“In Colorado, astir folks who walk clip outdoors person a bully knowing of the hunt and rescue infrastructure that is determination to assistance them, but this is not the lawsuit nation-wide.”