Hikers ‘hysterical’ when neo-Nazis allegedly smashed car windows as they fled Victorian mountain, court hears

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A antheral has described his fearfulness aft coming look to look with a radical of alleged neo-Nazis connected a Victorian mountain.

Thomas Sewell and Jacob Hersant were allegedly among a radical who confronted respective hikers successful the Cathedral Ranges authorities park, north-east of Melbourne, successful May this year.

Prosecutors accidental some men are leaders of neo-Nazi organisations with Sewell tied to the European Australian Movement and Hersant to the National Socialist Movement.

Sewell, 28, and Hersant, 22, are facing a committal proceeding successful Melbourne magistrates tribunal implicit allegations they robbed and assaulted the hikers. They’re charged with offences including unlawful battle with a limb and robbery with a weapon.

It’s alleged Sewell and Hersant were among a radical of astir 20 neo-Nazi radical members successful the Sugarloaf Peak country connected 8 May this year.

The hikers, who cannot beryllium identified owed to concerns for their safety, speculated that the radical was “probably the Nazis” who had featured successful quality reports astir groups camping successful the Grampians implicit Australia Day.

During their hike, they came crossed stickers with the words “Australia for the achromatic man”. Both groups ended up successful the car parkland astatine the aforesaid clip erstwhile 1 of the hikers took retired his telephone and began signaling them, the tribunal heard.

It’s alleged 1 subordinate of the radical shouted “antifa” – a notation to a leftwing organisation – and ran towards the hikers who had got into 2 abstracted cars.

The operator of 1 car said his friends were “hysterical” and were yelling successful terror, portion helium was successful a panic trying to get away.

The hikers said they saw 2 of the radical – who were wearing all-black outfits with achromatic Celtic transverse emblems connected the thorax – equipped with knives.

The antheral rapidly locked the doors but said 2 car windows were smashed by radical members.

“It each happened precise quickly, the model smashed and radical surrounded the car,” helium told the tribunal connected Wednesday. “As soon arsenic they smashed the model I conscionable wanted to get retired of there.”

The antheral crashed into a boulder successful his effort to flee. “I heard galore radical saying ‘Get retired of the car’ passim the full thing,” helium said.

They were capable to thrust distant aft handing implicit their phones.

Prosecutors accidental DNA matching Sewell and Hersant was recovered connected the car portion 2 fingerprints matching Sewell were besides discovered.

Hersant’s car was searched by constabulary soon aft the incidental and officers recovered a balaclava and camera inside. The camera included photos of the radical allegedly taken that day.

The proceeding is scheduled to proceed connected Thursday.