Hilarie Burton Reveals Moira Kelly ‘Encouraged’ Her To Leave ‘One Tree Hill’: She ‘Saved My Life’

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In a caller occurrence of her ‘One Tree Hill’ podcast, an affectional Hilarie Burton thanked erstwhile co-star Moira Kelly for encouraging her to permission the series.

Hilarie Burton revealed that her erstwhile One Tree Hill co-star Moira Kelly emboldened her to permission the 2003 teen series, adding that the determination “saved my life.” Moira, 53, who portrayed Karen Roe, parent of Lucas Scott (played by Chad Michael Murray), appeared connected the latest podcast occurrence of Drama Queens, the OTH podcast hosted by alums Hilarie, Sophia Bush, and Bethany Joy Lenz connected October 24. Things got peculiarly affectional erstwhile Hilarie, 39, thanked Moira for encouraging her to permission the bid erstwhile everyone other convinced her to stay.

“Moira, this is the archetypal clip I’ve seen you since I near the show. I’ve wanted to archer you this for years and years and years, but successful the past occurrence of the show, everyone successful my satellite was telling me, ‘You can’t leave. You can’t leave,’” Hilarie said. “I didn’t nonstop due to the fact that I didn’t privation to beryllium connected acceptable each time due to the fact that it was truthful bad. You came and you sat adjacent to maine and you started disconnected by conscionable joking, and you were like, ‘What’s going on?’” When Hilarie told Moira that she was astatine a crossroads and didn’t “know what to do,” Moira said, “Run.”

“You started it disconnected with, like, a joke, and I was like, ‘Yeah?’” Hilarie recalled. “You said to me, ‘There’s truthful galore chapters successful beingness and this is conscionable one. This is conscionable one.’” Moira, Hilarie said, was the lone idiosyncratic “that gave maine support to go” and research different possibilities. “I truthful valued your sentiment of maine and of our concern and the mode you prioritized your household implicit work, and that’s what I wanted — what you had is what I wanted,” she said, adding that Moira’s proposal “saved my life.”

hilarie burtonHilarie Burton arsenic Peyton Sawyer successful ‘One Tree Hill’ (CW Network/Courtesy Everett Collection)

“It’s like, Oh, my God. You don’t cognize that you saved my life,” Hilarie continued. “I don’t cognize what would person happened to maine if I stayed. I met my husband. My lad exists due to the fact that Moira Kelly told maine to tally and truthful I did. I conscionable deliberation astir however antithetic my beingness would beryllium if she wasn’t that 1 idiosyncratic to springiness maine support to conscionable go.” (Hilarie joined histrion Jeffrey Dean Morgan successful 2019. They stock lad Gus, 11, and girl George Virginia, 3, together.)

Hilarie portrayed Peyton Sawyer betwixt Season 1 to 6, departing 3 seasons earlier its finale. In 2017, overmuch of the pistillate cast, including Hilarie, Sophia, and Bethany, accused erstwhile showrunner Mark Schwahn of intersexual harassment. On the podcast, Moira reflected connected her clip connected the show, revealing that she wished she was “more present” during her clip connected the series. “Hearing honestly what each of you young women had to spell through; I don’t privation to get choked up. If I could spell back, I would person made my beingness stronger there,” she said.

“I felt like, you know, being somewhat of a veteran, you were each truthful precise young coming into this situation, there’s a portion of maine that feels similar I fto you each down,” Moira continued. “If I had been much present, I would person been much alert possibly of what was going on. I surely would person said something. I surely would person done something, and so, if I could spell backmost and bash thing different, I would marque my beingness truthful coagulated connected that amusement and I would person made myself truthful disposable to each of you.”