Hillary Clinton & Daughter Chelsea Arrive At LA Hospital To Visit Bill, 75, In ICU – Photos

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October 16, 2021 1:43PM EDT

It was confirmed that Bill Clinton was admitted to UC Irvine for a ‘non-COVID related infection’ past week.

Hillary Clinton, 73, and her girl Chelsea Clinton, 40, arrived astatine UC Irvine Hospital successful California, wherever Bill Clinton remains successful ICU. The erstwhile Secretary of State and her girl was spotted stepping retired of a conveyance arsenic she held onto a Starbucks java and Givenchy container connected Saturday, Oct. 16. Hillary sported a black-and-white jacket, headband and protective look mask. Her girl Chelsea kept a debased illustration arsenic she appeared to locomotion successful beforehand of her mom, rocking a greenish shot cap.

Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton arrives to sojourn her hubby Bill Clinton successful the infirmary with girl Chelsea. (WCP,4CNRS / BACKGRID)

The sojourn comes conscionable 2 days aft Bill was hospitalized for a “non-COVID related infection,” per his spokeswoman. “On Tuesday evening, President Clinton was admitted ton UCI Medical Center to person attraction for a non-COVID-related infection,” spokeswoman Angel Ureña said connected Thursday, Oct. 14. “He is connected the mend, successful bully spirits, and is incredibly thankful to doctors, nurses, and unit providing him with fantabulous care,” she besides said.

It was aboriginal reported that the erstwhile president had been hospitalized for an untreated UTI infection, and was being treated by doctors Dr. Alpesh Amin and Dr. Lisa Bardack. “He remains astatine the infirmary for continuous monitoring. After 2 days of treatment, his achromatic humor compartment number is trending down and helium is responding to antibiotics well,” the brace said successful a connection connected the aforesaid day, confirming they are moving with the erstwhile president’s aesculapian squad successful New York City, arsenic well.

Bill Clinton has been hospitalized, his spokesperson confirmed. (Shutterstock)

“The California-based aesculapian squad has been successful changeless connection with the President’s New York-based aesculapian team, including his cardiologist. We anticipation to person him spell location soon,” Dr. Amin and Dr. Bardack besides said to media.

Bill has been unfastened astir his past wellness struggles, peculiarly his 2 bosom surgeries. The Arkansas autochthonal underwent quadruple bypass country successful 2004 astatine the property of 58. The four-hour process took spot aft Bill checked himself into New York Presbyterian Hospital owed to thorax pains and shortness of breath. His surgical team, led by Dr. Craig R. Smith, aboriginal confirmed that determination were blockages successful Bill’s bosom astatine implicit 90%  on with large signs of bosom disease. In 2010, Bill underwent different country to person stents inserted aft thorax discomfort.