Home Office U-turn on Sri Lankan scientist’s asylum claim

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The Home Office has U-turned connected plans to deport a starring idiosyncratic carrying retired groundbreaking probe into affordable forms of star vigor and allowed him and his household to stay successful the UK.

Initially, the Home Office rejected the asylum assertion lodged by Dr Nadarajah Muhunthan, 47, who has been surviving successful the UK since 2018 with his wife, Sharmila, 42, and their 3 children, aged 13, 9 and five.

Muhunthan, who is moving connected thin-film photovoltaic devices utilized to make star energy, was fixed a prestigious Commonwealth Rutherford fellowship. The grant allowed him to travel to the UK for 2 years to probe and make the technology. He was based astatine the University of Bristol. His woman got a occupation caring for aged radical successful a nursing home.

The couple’s eldest daughter, Gihaniya, has received outstanding schoolhouse reports successful the UK with a 100% attendance complaint and been peculiarly praised for her achievements successful science. She hopes to survey to beryllium a doc erstwhile she is older.

The household are Tamils, a radical that has experienced persecution successful Sri Lanka.

However, conscionable weeks aft the Guardian highlighted the case, the Home Office changed its caput and has present granted Muhunthan and his household exile status.

Muhunthan thanked the Home Office for their decision. “The Home Office has saved my beingness and my family’s lives. Now I volition beryllium capable to proceed my probe without fear,” helium said.

After speechmaking the erstwhile Guardian article astir the case, Prof David J Firmin, caput of the electro-chemistry and star squad astatine the University of Bristol wherever Muhunthan was conducting probe into ways to marque star vigor panels much effectual and affordable, wrote to the Home Office astatine the extremity of October expressing his “deepest concern”.

He said Muhunthan’s enactment was making a important publication to efforts to decarbonise the vigor procreation sector.

In November 2019, Muhunthan returned to his location state for a abbreviated sojourn to spot his sick mother. While helium was there, helium was arrested and persecuted by the Sri Lankan government. He managed to flight and returned to the UK, wherever helium claimed asylum connected the ground of what helium had experienced connected his sojourn to Sri Lanka. After his assistance expired successful February 2020, neither helium nor his woman were permitted to proceed working.

The family’s lawyer, Naga Kandiah of MTC solicitors, welcomed the Home Office’s alteration of heart. He said:“This is an important triumph which recognises determination is systematic torture of Tamils going connected successful Sri Lanka. This idiosyncratic and his household volition each beryllium assets to the UK.”