Hong Kong activist who tried to seek asylum at US consulate found guilty of secession

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A Hong Kong tribunal has recovered the erstwhile person of pro-independence radical Studentlocalism blameworthy of secession and wealth laundering nether the city’s sweeping nationalist information law, aft a plea bargain.

Tony Chung, 20, was charged with the offences successful October past twelvemonth and denied bail. Chung and 2 others were detained by unidentified men astatine a java store adjacent the US consulate aboriginal connected 27 October. Chung’s supporters said astatine the clip helium had been intending to question governmental asylum. They said Chung had submitted his paperwork weeks earlier, but fearfulness of an imminent apprehension prompted him to question structure astatine the consulate.

Chung entered a plea bargain, admitting guilt connected the complaint of secession and 1 number of wealth laundering and pleading not blameworthy to a sedition complaint and different wealth laundering accusation.

Prosecutor Ivan Cheung said helium acted arsenic an head for the Facebook pages of the US subdivision of Studentlocalism and an organisation called the Initiative Independence Party.

Pro-independence T-shirts, flags and books were besides seized from his home, the authoritative said. The wealth laundering complaint is related to donations helium received via PayPal.

“I person a wide conscience,” Chung said successful his plea.

District tribunal justice Stanley Chan said the condemnation volition beryllium announced connected 23 November.

Like different anti-government organisations, Studentlocalism disbanded earlier Beijing imposed the information law successful June 2020, to punish thing it deems arsenic subversion, secession, coercion and collusion with overseas forces with up to beingness successful prison.

Since the enactment of the law, Hong Kong has taken a swift authoritarian turn, with astir antiauthoritarian politicians present successful jailhouse oregon successful self-exile, dozens of civilian nine organisations folding, and planetary rights groups leaving the city.

Chinese and Hong Kong authorities contradict the information instrumentality tramples idiosyncratic rights and accidental the authorities was indispensable to reconstruct stableness aft wide protests successful 2019 erstwhile millions took to the streets implicit galore months.

The erstwhile British colony returned to Chinese regularisation successful 1997 with the committedness of a precocious grade of autonomy, which ideology activists and occidental governments accidental was breached – an allegation China vehemently denies.