Hospitals in England taking care of record number of patients

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More radical could beryllium spending the clip betwixt Christmas and caller twelvemonth successful infirmary successful parts of England this twelvemonth than astatine immoderate clip successful the past decade, arsenic NHS trusts conflict to find societal attraction places for patients medically acceptable for discharge.

The latest figures for December to day amusement an mean of 94,200 patients were successful hospitals crossed England, much than 93,000 of them successful acute settings, the highest successful 7 winters.

Hospitals successful the south-west, south-east and north-west, the areas with the highest proportionality of medically acceptable patients who cannot beryllium discharged due to an acute deficiency of societal care, are taking attraction of a grounds fig of patients.

The main enforcement of NHS England, Amanda Pritchard, admitted the wellness work could beryllium facing the “most challenging wintertime successful our history”, adjacent worse than the tallness of the pandemic.

In a Christmas convey you connection to unit she said: “I ever thought that, hard arsenic those archetypal waves of Covid were, and they truly were, really it would beryllium dealing with the ongoing pressures, that could beryllium adjacent tougher – that operation of recovering services whilst besides dealing with continuing Covid and everything other that wintertime throws astatine us.

“We’re facing grounds request for galore services from GP services, to intelligence wellness services and of course, urgent and exigency care. But contempt these pressures, NHS unit are rising to the situation each azygous day.”

NHS colleagues are moving hard successful what is proving to beryllium the astir challenging wintertime ever, and I privation to instrumentality immoderate clip to bespeak connected the unthinkable enactment you bash and convey everyone who helps the NHS proceed to attraction for much than 1.3 cardinal radical each day.

— Amanda Pritchard (@AmandaPritchard) December 23, 2022

The figures, which bespeak the concern successful the weeks to 18 December, amusement the standard of the situation facing trusts, which were asked to undertake a “rapid discharge of medically acceptable patients” earlier past week’s ambulance strikes.

The NHS is experiencing a wintertime of discontent, with strikes by nurses and ambulance unit and aggregate pressures affecting the service, including record ambulance delays, ever increasing waiting lists and thousands of beds required for flu patients, arsenic the microorganism has begun circulating wide aft the Covid pandemic.

Across England 13,697 patients were acceptable to beryllium discharged but could not beryllium sent location oregon into different attraction settings successful the week to 18 November, according to the NHS, equivalent to astir 1 successful 7 radical successful hospital.

In the aforesaid week past twelvemonth that fig stood astatine 10,694, meaning the fig has risen by much than a 4th (28%) according to figures provided by the NHS.

However, the south-west – wherever much than 1 successful 5 patients are stuck successful infirmary contempt being medically acceptable to permission – is peculiarly severely affected, with 44% much patients taking up beds than the pre-Covid average.

Almost two-thirds (64%) of the region’s 14 acute infirmary trusts had higher occupancy rates than the English mean successful December, portion adjacent to fractional experienced their highest levels of occupied beds for astatine slightest the past decade.

An NHS spokesperson said: “There is nary uncertainty the NHS is nether sizeable unit – the latest figures amusement 19 successful 20 beds occupied amid rising numbers of flu cases successful infirmary and that’s connected apical of grounds A&E demand, expanding unit absences and implicit 13,000 patients each time successful infirmary contempt being medically acceptable for discharge.

“Thanks to the efforts of unit and our caller thrust connected this determination has been a simplification successful the fig of delayed discharges wrong NHS control, and the NHS continues to enactment intimately with societal attraction colleagues to guarantee arsenic galore patients arsenic imaginable tin marque it location successful clip to walk Christmas and caller twelvemonth with their loved ones.”

The British Medical Association doctors’ national said patients deserved better. Prof Philip Banfield, its seat of council, said: “Christmas should beryllium a clip radical tin walk with their families and loved ones and the thoughts of doctors and nurses volition beryllium with those who stay successful hospital.”

He added: “With years of chronic underfunding and dreadful workforce shortages crossed the NHS and societal care, this sadly comes arsenic nary surprise. There simply isn’t the capableness successful the strategy to efficiently discharge radical who could different beryllium cared for astatine location oregon successful different settings.

“In 2023 the authorities can’t spend to hide its caput successful the sand, disregard healthcare workers and expect patients to enactment up with the NHS, erstwhile the envy of the world, collapsing astir them.”

The NHS Confederation, which represents hospitals, predicts less patients volition beryllium kept successful beds this Christmas than the figures suggest.

Its main executive, Matthew Taylor, said: “There volition undoubtedly beryllium patients stuck successful infirmary this Christmas owed to unavailability of societal attraction packages, wherever they could different beryllium moved backmost location oregon into a residential setting.

“Some NHS leaders are telling america contiguous that the strikes person led to a slowdown successful patients being discharged from hospital. The strikes aren’t helping, but this has been a longstanding issue.

“That said, important and effectual preparatory enactment went into discharging those who nary longer request to beryllium successful NHS beds up of the strikes. Although determination has been a slowdown since the strikes, we deliberation and anticipation that the concern whitethorn beryllium amended than what is outlined successful these latest figures.”

But Taylor said much concern successful societal attraction would beryllium needed to assistance escaped up infirmary beds successful future. He said: “The NHS and societal attraction are moving intimately unneurotic to amended discharge rates but this is an ongoing challenge.

“We welcomed the government’s caller other concern successful societal care, but that present urgently needs to beryllium converted into much attraction packages for susceptible radical who desperately request societal attraction support. Otherwise they volition proceed to endure and the NHS volition proceed to person excessively galore patients occupying beds that don’t request to beryllium stuck successful hospital.”