Hospitals in Western Australia Turn Away Patients As Vaccine Mandates Slash Staffing

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Several hospitals crossed Western Australia (WA) person begun refusing caller admissions and surgeries pursuing a wellness unit situation that worsened aft unvaccinated unit were told they could not instrumentality to work.

An email shown to The Epoch Times revealed that St John of God Subiaco successful WA’s capital, Perth, was forced to halt immoderate caller non-critical surgeries portion preventing wide admissions that were not deemed urgent owed to a shortage of nursing staff.

In the email sent connected Nov. 4, the hospital’s manager of aesculapian services told unit that a terrible shortage had been exacerbated by a engaged time for admissions.

“I apologise for this situation, but I spot you volition recognize that we are successful the midst of a terrible shortage of nurses and that we indispensable guarantee that our existent patients and caregivers are safe,” the manager said.

Epoch Times Photo St John of God Midland Hospital successful Perth, Australia connected Aug. 24, 2016. (AAP Image/Richard Wainwright)

These closures travel aft the WA authorities issued caller wellness directives that mandated the COVID-19 vaccine to 75 percent of the state’s workforce, the astir all-encompassing and ambitious of immoderate Australian state. Individuals refusing to comply volition beryllium slapped with a good of up to $20,000, with businesses having unvaccinated unit facing penalties of up to $100,000.

But WA wellness workers had antecedently warned of the imminent unit shortages and interaction connected hospitals brought connected by the mandate.

“There’s astir 100 unit that haven’t had the vaccine astatine our infirmary alone,” a midwife astatine a ample nationalist infirmary told The Epoch Times connected Oct. 22.

The quality of the closures comes connected the heels of thousands of WA wellness unit protesting the mandates passim October, including rallies connected the 1st, 16th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 25th, 26th, 28th, and 30th of the month. Another protestation was scheduled for Nov. 1—the time of the vaccination deadline for infirmary staff.

The infirmary closures person besides been repeated astir the state.

St John of God Geraldton Hospital Acting CEO Jack Harding announced connected Nov. 3 that determination would beryllium a suspension of maternity services astatine the infirmary owed to a shortage of midwives.

“With the existent shortage of qualified midwives, we are uncovering it progressively hard to capable rosters and guarantee we are appropriately resourced to supply a harmless service,” the infirmary stated successful a Facebook post.

A midwife who had worked astatine King Edward Memorial Hospital—Western Australia’s largest maternity hospital—up until the vaccination deadline told The Epoch Times that her infirmary had besides begun implementing exigency measures to cope.

This included diverting patients to different hospitals and asking astir unit to bash treble shifts—meaning 1 midwife could enactment 14 oregon 17 hours successful a row, depending connected the shift.

Epoch Times Photo Health unit permission their uniforms successful protestation implicit Western Australia’s vaccine mandates extracurricular of Dumas House, the residence of WA Premier Mark McGowan, successful Perth, Australia, connected Nov. 1, 2021. All infirmary unit indispensable person their archetypal vaccination by Nov. 1 to support working, portion of sweeping mandates that volition necessitate 75 percent of the state’s workforce to beryllium vaccinated by January 2022. (The Epoch Times)

The Epoch Times reached retired to the WA authorities connected Oct. 11 and WA Health Minister Roger Cook connected Oct. 13 to inquire if the authorities authorities was readying connected addressing unit shortages pursuing the vaccination deadline. The Epoch Times did not person a reply.

WA Premier Mark McGowan had antecedently expressed apathy toward anti-mandated vaccination protestors pursuing nationalist protests connected Sep. 18.

“What are they protesting about?” McGowan said reported WA Today before suggesting the protestors should “grow a brain.”

The WA authorities has not yet revealed however galore wellness unit person been dismissed, though determination is simply a information of unit presently being suspended without pay.

Other states person besides seen wellness unit losses arsenic a effect of vaccine mandates, with the Queensland Health Minister Yvette D’Ath revealing that astir 10 percent of the 100,000-strong nationalist healthcare workforce had yet to beryllium vaccinated. The deadline for implicit vaccination was Oct. 31.

“There are 7,000 wellness workers who person not travel guardant saying they are vaccinated, but 3,000 of those are connected leave,” she told reporters connected Nov. 1.

“There are 4,000 who person not been vaccinated and volition beryllium fixed their show-cause and volition beryllium suspended with afloat pay,” she said. “There volition beryllium immoderate disruptions, but we are managing those disruptions,” she said. “We volition enactment successful spot measures to negociate immoderate workforce shortages that mightiness occur.”

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