Houseplant of the week: moth orchid

1 month ago 27

Why volition I emotion it?
The moth orchid (Phalaenopsis grandiflorum ‘White’) tin bloom astatine immoderate clip of the twelvemonth and for months astatine a time, which makes it a cleanable acquisition for others … oregon yourself.

Light oregon shade?
Bright indirect light.

Where should I enactment it?
The room is usually a cardinal hub of the location and bright, lukewarm and humid, truthful a windowsill beside the descend makes the cleanable spot for this flowering beauty.

How bash I support it alive?
This is simply a tropical plant, truthful thrives successful a warm, humid situation and does not tolerate temperatures beneath 15C. It volition request predominant misting oregon to beryllium successful a country with precocious humidity, specified arsenic the room oregon bathroom. You tin assistance to support the humidity up by mounting the cookware connected a tray of bedewed pebbles. Water small and often to support the compost moist, but don’t fto it get excessively bedewed oregon the roots volition rot. Avoid nonstop agleam light, arsenic this volition crook the leaves brown.

Did you cognize …
Phalaenopsis orchids are known arsenic moth orchids due to the fact that they look similar moths successful flight. Their botanical genus name, Phalaenopsis, is derived from Phalaena, the genus that includes astir moths.